02 October 2012


Hello prospective students, parents, current students, and anyone else who has come across this blog! My name is Rebecca, and I’m a freshman. I hail from the faraway land of Minnesota. In case you’re really wondering what it’s like there, I found this really informative video on just about everything you could want to know about the state. On a less serious note, you should check out this video. I think it does a better job of describing what we really do in Minnesota. And it's catchy.
My current plan is to double major in environmental studies and foreign languages (Spanish and French). That means that I have a super full schedule for the next four years. Right now I am taking Bio 141, which is an ecology class. I’m also in the lab that goes with this class, where we are spending our semester studying the effects of English Ivy on the local ecosystem. In addition to that, I’m taking Spanish, which I took before coming here, and beginning French. Also, all freshmen have to take a core class called Exploration and Discovery.
I live in Akin, which is the multicultural dorm. Here’s a picture of my side of the room. 
Outside of classes, I’m still trying to figure out which groups to join. I’m really into the environmental group, SEED (Students Engaged in Eco Defense). I also want to start going to the writing circle, for the slam poetry group. I’ve gone to a couple of their slams, and was a judge at one of them- it was super cool. Next semester, some friends and I want to start a radio show through KLC. I’m also planning on getting more involved in College Outdoors, which is the outing club. I went on a new student trip before orientation (I highly recommend it!), which was run through CO. Here is a picture from it! It's of me and my friend Destiny sitting on a log.

Feel free to email me or comment with any questions, or if you just want to talk to someone about applying to college! I remember the stress and agony that is applying, and would be happy to help in any way. I emailed some people from this blog last year, and they were super helpful. My email address is rekidder@lclark.edu.