02 October 2012

This is real life right now.

Dear prospective students (prospies) and loving parents,

     I'm not sure why this place is called "Real" Life at Lewis & Clark. It sounds like we need to distinguish our blog from being the "Fake Life at Lewis & Clark". Such a preface might be fair, though, considering that perhaps our "real" lives are so exciting that you, prospective students, will inevitably call shenanigans. In such a case, my dear boss, Peter McKay, will promptly and gladly reassure you that, yes, this is indeed real life right now. Another possibility is that our blogs turn out so mundane that we must convince you that we're not simply trying to force some immaculate, Stepford-esque picture of the Lewis & Clark reality upon you:


             Two "Real" Louis & Clark female students shopping at FredMyers, the local Super Market

     Well I for one guarantee that this blog will be 100% real stream-of-consciousness mental chunder and anecdotes, provided to you by yours truly, Gavin Slusher-- Lewis & Clark Senior. Real-life person. 

P.S. Need advice? Have a question? Hit me up at Slusher@lclark.edu.