05 November 2012

Happy (belated) Halloween and (more) Athletics!!!

As I continue blogging, I am slowly realizing how involved I am with athletics.  Along that train of thought, I participated in the 4th annual SAAC Pio Patrol on Halloween. Pio Patrol is an event that LC student athletes have been participating in for the past four years. Student athletes from all our different sports teams come together to walk along the streets in our neighborhood and keep an extra eye on trick-or-treaters. Over the years it had become so popular that the number of patrollers almost eclipsed the number of actual trick-or-treaters. So, this year only SAAC representatives (about 50 athletes) took to the streets of Lower Dunthorp (a neighborhood only a stones throw away from campus). And, also in attendance, there was a Ninja Turtle and a couple tigers (all sporting the L&C orange and black).  While watching out for little ones, we also handed out candy and winter sports schedules for home games to invite our neighbors to come watch us compete.

Our Ninja Turtle, also one of the co-chairs for SAAC (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)
We gave out loads of candy! (Photo Credit: SAAC/Drew LeDonne)
After patrolling my roommates and I decorated some cookies in the Halloween spirit.
This one is Cookie Moster! Get it? (Photo Credit: Kate Garvey)

In other athletic news, LC swimming started our first two dual meets of the season.  We swam Pacific Lutheran University on Friday night in Parkland, WA and the University of Puget Sound on Saturday afternoon in Tacoma, WA. The meets were extremely close, and although we didn’t come away with any wins, we had great races both individually and as a team.  One of the most important things about swimming is staying mentally focused and not letting an off race early in the meet allow you to be negative going into the next competition. And our men and women were really mentally strong this weekend and that is what we will carry into our meets over the rest of the semester. Another really awesome thing about the team is that not only do we have a common interest, but we spend so much time together that we create really strong team bonds too.  And, in between focusing for our individual events, we found some time for fun; here are the highlights in pictures:
Counting for the 800 Freestyle race (what you can't see is that the counter is very broken...)
(Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)
Some of the girls cheering/posing behind the blocks (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)

Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma! Yum! (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)
A person highlight was going 1-2-3 for the second time against PLU with my fellow junior women (Alli, me, Heather)
(Photo Credit: Chris Fantz, LCswimming)

As always if you have any questions about life at LC feel free to ask me at katyyeh@lclark.edu, otherwise just keep on reading the blog.