06 October 2015

Forest Harvest Festival

RA's do not just exist to make sure people are following College Policy.  Instead, the vast majority of our job is to make sure that students are happy here, and that they have fun in creative and new ways. In fast, this weekend, I was able to do just that.

I live in Alder, with is one of the Residence Halls in the complex Forest.  All of the RA's in Forest put on a festival this weekend called the Forest Harvest Festival.  It was to celebrate Fall, and all of the wonders that come along with it.  Each building brought something different to the festival, with RA's and residents working together to create whatever they were going to bring.  Students from around campus stopped by to eat festive food, decorate, hang out, and have fun!

My hall baked sweet potato pies, and apple pie cookies for residents to eat!  They were super tasty! I only got to share a piece of pie with a friend they were eaten so fast!  Two of the other halls, Ponderosa and Manzinita (or Pondo and Manzi as we call them), brought things to decorate.  Pondo brought watercolors and coffee filters to make fall leaves, while Manzi brought an insane amount of tiny pumpkins to color and decorate.

Residents and RA's having fun decorating and listening to music.

We even hung up fun decorations!

All and all it was a successful weekend filled with fun, friends and food! This was one of the larger community builders or programs that we as an RA staff team have put on.  I've had a couple others that were smaller with just my hall or even just my floor (since there are 2 RA's for each hall, each on one floor). If you have any questions about RA life, programs, or anything relating to L&C, do not hesitate to ask.  You can contact me at jprovost@lclark.edu.  

Have an awesome week and enjoy Fall!