04 October 2016


What a week it has been! This week I had my first round of tests for this semester. So unfortunately for me, I spent most of this past week in the library studying and preparing for those tests. What I like to do to prepare for a test is to go to the library to review all my notes and do any practice problems that I might have. I usually try to do this for a couple days leading up to the test. For me it is all about managing my time. Yesterday I had to take my tests for Molecular Biology and Structural Biochemistry, which are my two hardest classes this whole semester. I believe they went well, but still they were very tough. They were tough because you had to write out to the answers, it wasn’t multiple choice. For both of these classes, it isn’t so much about memorization, it is about understanding the concept.

Now, that my tests are over with, all I have to look forward to this week is Fall Break. This means that we get this Thursday and Friday off from school to catch up on some rest and relax for a few days. With no school, most of the student body is able to either go on quick trips around Oregon or go home to see family. I know that the outdoors organization here is planning a trip to Crater Lake to do some hiking which would be really cool. However, since I have football this week, I have practice just like normal, and a game this Saturday.

Football has been much better this year than last year. The whole vibe of the team this year has been way better, and I feel like this week we will be able to get our first win of the year. We are playing George Fox this weekend at home, which will be nice since we don’t have to travel anywhere. I am looking forward to getting our first win of the season in front of our home fans and celebrating with them. If you want to catch the game, you can go to lcpioneers.com/football and look for our schedule. You can stream the game there. Wish us luck!

That’s all for this week,

A cool view of our weight room.