01 October 2016

New Year, New School

Hello All,

My name is Zack Johnson and I’ll be one of your Real Life Bloggers for the 2016-2017 year.  I’m a transfer sophomore student here at L&C, attempting (notice the italicization) a double major in SOAN (Sociology and Anthropology combo) and Political Science.  I write for the school’s newspaper, The Pioneer Log, and am involved with the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (shortened to ASLC) Student Senate, among other clubs.  This is my first time writing for something like this blog, however, and I’m just beginning to gauge how much sarcasm and/or eclectic humor to include with each post.

Here's a majestic squirrel eating a muffin from the garbage that I witnessed on
campus yesterday.  It is of no relevance to the post.
I’m from Salem, Oregon, about an hour south of Lewis & Clark (or two if caught in Wilsonville traffic), and have been an Oregon resident my entire life…well, almost all of my life, as you’ll learn from this blog.
My freshman year was spent at a Jesuit university in San Francisco, California.  I chose to transfer for a variety of unique, often aggravating reasons.  To save you all the trouble of hearing me rehash the various horror stories, I'll try my best to refrain from oversharing.  This blog will mainly be about my time at L&C, but will also be a forum for anyone reading to ask questions about L&C and the the transfer process, among a variety of topics.  I will include my personal email at the end of every post, should anyone wish to reach out.  I perhaps am not the finest educator on how to choose a college, but how to survive it, I consider myself a semi-pro.

At the end of every post I will include a cheap joke, as I believe humorous puns are the spice of life.  Additionally, I will add a “Song of the Week” in order for you readers to get to know me more personally.

Cheap Joke Saturday: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

Song of the Week:  “Go Off” by M.I.A

I’ll be posting weekly on the Real Life Blog, on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  For any questions, comments, or cheap jokes you’d like to share with me, you may contact me via email at zack@lclark.edu. 

Thanks for stopping by,