13 November 2016

Love Trumps Hate

Hey friends!

So, there’s not much denying it, this week was pretty bad. I half expected it because I had an Invertebrate Zoology midterm on Tuesday and an Organic Chemistry midterm on Wednesday, and of course the recent election results have not helped anything. However, I would say, it was really beautiful to see the school come together. Despite the (in my opinion, as well as many others at Lewis and Clark) terrible result in the election, it was a day full of love here. As cheesy as that sounds, people came together very well. Wednesday I still had my ochem exam but my professor was kind about letting people who needed the day off to take it. On my way to the exam I stopped by the lawn under the reflecting pool. There was a man with his dog there, which isn’t uncommon to see on campus. I stopped there to watch this adorable black lab playing fetch and I wasn’t the only one. About 10 of us were there watching the dog. It kind of seemed like the only thing I could smile at that day, it was so innocent and cute. People were going around giving hugs and just going that extra little bit to bring someone peace.

On Saturday I went to the Oregon Coast with my Invertebrate Zoology course. It was my first time going to the coast and let me just say how unbelievably gorgeous and amazing the Oregon coast is. I grew up on the east coast, and while I’ve gone to the beach before there aren’t many tide pools in New England. We also went to a marina and just laid on the docks and locked under and found tons of cool things. It’s the coolest thing to see animals that you either never knew existed and just in general to see for yourself and not in an aquarium setting. We saw tons of sea stars and nudibranchs (which I had never heard of before this class), the tide pools were crawling with crabs, sea urchins, and sea anemones. We got really lucky and had rain all the way through the car rides but when we were outside it was sunny and beautiful. I’m just itching to get back out there and take photos and see all the biodiversity around us. Since my phone broke I wasn’t able to take any photos of my own but I will link some pictures my friends took.


Oregon coast at low tide and sunset

We had our last showing for Dance X today (Sunday). We were able to see everyone’s completed dance and I am SO excited for the performance. There’s so many amazingly talented people. Dance X has a combination of so many dancers with different backgrounds so we get incredibly diverse performances. We’ll start tech week soon and add lights and make the dances come even more to life too! I’ll post some photos as soon as we get them :)

Despite this week's down parts, it was a really nice weekend and it was good to get away and take a break, plus dancing always makes me feel better :)

Cheers for now,
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