14 February 2017

Tests and Snowboarding

Well, it definitely has been a busy week again. I had a test on Monday in my chemistry class, and one tomorrow in my biochemistry class,so a lot of my time has been spent studying, which is a good thing even though I would rather be doing other stuff. Fortunately, once tomorrow is over with, my week will be a lot easier since all of my major tests will be over with for awhile.

Other than my tests, I do not have a whole lot going on at the moment. Every morning, all of us on the football team lift as a group for our off-season workouts. These workouts have been really beneficial for us to grow as a team and get physically stronger too. We lift every morning at either 7 or 7:30 on the weekdays, and some days we run as well. Every day we either work on  upper body or lower body, and then twice a week we do 7 on 7, which is practicing passing plays. It helps us to learn our playbooks. We will be doing this for the next four weeks until  spring ball starts, then our schedule will be changed up again.

This weekend I got to go snowboarding again, which was great. It was even sunny, which made it a really good time. Unfortunately, everyone else in the area wanted to go up to Mt. Hood as well. By the time my friend Cale and I got up to Timberline Resort, the entire parking lot was full. After driving around a couple times, we went back down the mountain to Ski Bowl, which is technically a smaller mountain just to the side of Mt. Hood. We snowboarded there for most of the morning. It was an amazing day. With the sun being out, you could see the whole area around the mountain. You could even see Mt. St. Helens in Washington off in the distance. The snow was perfect, and it was just right all day. Hopefully next weekend I will have time to go to Timberline. I have learned that I have to get up earlier too!

That's all for this week,