Cheering up for Friendsgiving!

Hey all!
Xmas lights are up in downtown!
Around this time of year, professors notice that students start skipping classes and allowing themselves to build up a mountain of work behind which they have to register for classes and do other wonderfully uninteresting things. Rob yourself a few days of work and friends thanks to the flu, and welcome to winter!
Here's a quick list of some things that happened this past week, and you could probably see how a few sick days or a few days slacking could really build up:

  • Completed Environmental Studies (my major) concentration proposal: this is a huge project we majors work on until our senior year! So far we've already spent 20+ hours total on researching and creating a proposal for our concentrations.
  • Dental cleaning - boring, but a nice excuse to get food card grub!
  • Became a "note-taker" for my math class --> we get paid for this!
  • Tests, quizzes, papers, and the sort
  • Spring classes registration!
  • Homework, homework, homework
  • Emails for days
  • Meetings
  • Application for study abroad
  • Updating my resume for the upcoming summer work season
It's all about time management, but no one can keep cranking at full speed for forever! And that's where Thanksgiving comes in. No doubt about it, TYgiving is my favorite holiday, for one because you can celebrate it over and over in the weeks leading up to the delicious Thursday.
This weekend will be a time when many students on campus celebrate Friendsgiving with each other, for many LC students (especially those in freshmen year) decide to travel home for the little time we have for TYgiving (4 full days).
In the works for the goon platoon (my friends + me) include hitting the special Portland Night Market on Friday night, heading out for a quick hike on Saturday, and throwing a friendsgiving party the same night.
The truth is that people everywhere get bogged down with responsibilities during the holiday months, but what makes it all worth it are the celebrations you can have with friends and family. So in college and in life, try throwing a friendsgiving before everyone heads home in November: it'll give you an extra little something to look forward to~

For Fun
View from the top of Mt. Defiance

Made even better with hot chowder

This past weekend, I did a solo hike up Mt. Defiance, the tallest recognized peak in the Colombia River Gorge area just east of Portland. This killer hike took me up 4,800 ft of hellish switchbacks to a killer view at the top. Thanks to my hydroflask (you'll see many of these in Oregon), I chilled at the top eating piping hot clam chowder and bread. Got dark at 6pm, so I spent an hour and a half breaking my knees running down the trails back to the car. Total mileage: 11.5 mi Total ascent: 4,800 ft Total time: 5.5 hours
Got a little lost in the beginning... only to stumble on some
secret climbing spots with draws and bolts already in place!