Thanksgiving on Campus

Lone seagull in the Willamette River
As Thanksgiving approaches, students leave the campus in droves.  Swarms of undergraduates line the sidewalk in front of Templeton.  Some pull suitcases behind them, some clutch pillows, and others bravely face their travels with nothing more than a carry-on.
Alas, the 2 days of travel and >$500 in airfare that this would require for me to visit home meant that I did not join this mass exodus from campus.

Part of out Thanksgiving feast
Luckily a good friend of mine invited me and a handful of other students to his apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone going brought something and my friend cooked a lot so we ended with quite a bit of food.  After stuffing ourselves we finished off the evening by playing board games.

View of the Willamette close to the Saturday Market
That Saturday I finally put aside time to do all of the touristy things you are supposed to do in Portland; Saturday market, Voodoo Doughnuts, and Powell’s bookstore.  The Pio runs didn’t start until 3pm due to the break, but everything work out just fine.  Saturday market was impressive; but I didn’t really need rings, scarves, or soap so I did not end up purchasing anything.  Voodoo doughnuts is much more popular than I expected so I’ve decided to delay that until a later point in time. Powell’s is huge, it really does deserve the name Powell’s City of Books.

L&C Everyday Life: Pets

Ella, one of the dogs at Dog Day
Unfortunately the dorms here don’t allow pets.  (Service animals are acceptable, talk with campus living). For all those animal lovers concerned with this fact, don’t worry, there are still opportunities to make furry friends.  Occasionally the Dean of Students runs an event called Dog Day with the Dean where college faculty and staff bring their dogs in to meet and play with all of us lonely college students.  Even if you are somehow never able to make one of those, almost any dog owner is perfectly willing to let you meet their dog if you ask nicely.  I’ve also seen a handful of other pets around campus including cats, rabbits, and goldfish.

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