Half Way Done

The semester is halfway over, which is crazy to think about. The past two and a half months have flown by here at Lewis and Clark. So far school has been keeping me extremely busy, and I have to stay focused most of the time. This past week I was finally able to complete the last of my midterms, so it feels really good to have that finally over with. It was for my Political Science class, and I think I did okay on it. I am not too sure though, since that class is something outside of what I normally take. However, it fills my International Affairs requirement, so I am taking it because I thought it looked easy.

Other than that class, all my other ones are chugging along. The main thing that helps me manage my time here is coming to the library, where I can sit down and do my homework without any distractions. It is open 24 hours a day on the weekdays and only closes for about 12 hours or so on the weekends. The library even has study rooms so that you can meet with groups there or study with some friends. I really enjoy going there because it forces me to just focus on doing homework.

This past weekend we played the University of Puget Sound. The game was super close. We jumped out to a 14-3 lead, but then gave up a couple touchdowns. However, we battled back and made the game very close. Even though we lost, we were super competitive the whole time and were always engaged in it. I feel like this game showed how far we have come as a team. The atmosphere around the team is incredibly confident, and we all feel like we can get a win this week. It was nice, also, after the game, to see a classmate of my brother’s from high school who plays on the Puget Sound team. His parents were there at the gamel, and it was fun to visit with friends from back home.

This next weekend is Homecoming and Family Weekend. My parents and grandmother will be coming from Southern California, so my brother and I will get a second dose of home!

That’s all I have for this week.

Studying in the library. 

Our friend Isaiah from home in the middle, my brother Alex on the right, and I