Winter finally came...

Hey everyone,

Hope y'all are doing well, it has been an interesting week over here with the weather.

We had a random cold front come in which caused some inclement weather and the school was closed for the better part of the week.

I didn't mind having an excuse to stay home and study all week, plus sleeping in.. soooo nice!

Anyways, last weekend we had the 6th annual World Music Concert to honor the lives of Franya Berkman and Obo Addy. They were both professors in the music department who helped start this world music program at LC. There was about 6 or 7 performances from different musicians, and our Ghanian drum ensemble performed as well. I'm going to try and post some videos up.. I haven't had much luck in the past, but we'll see if it wants to cooperate today.

 Well as usual the video interface is acting weird so in the meantime... here are some photos from my midnight stroll at Mt. Tabor.
 Took some eerie photos by the lower water reservoir 

Below is supposed to be a video.. not sure what's up with it.. will check again later

Okay so this thing is acting up... I'm gonna check back later and try to fix the video thing.