Self Care Saturday!

Hi everyone! How are you? How's it going?

I think my posts are going to start going up either Saturday or Sunday because my weeks are just super busy! When I'm not in class then I'm in the Bio Lab looking for virgin female fruit flies or going to the Chemistry Research Lab to take a sample of our silver and gold nanoparticles or studying and doing homework along with sleeping. With all these craaaazy things going on there are also the students that are coming for the fly-in programs and doing overnight visits that I am hosting and volunteering at these events!

Because of my crazy schedule, I decided to go walk around downtown yesterday and go down to the waterfront to just enjoy the beautiful, sunny day! Yes, you read that right!  S U N!! 
I'm really glad I made Saturday a day for just me and treat it as a day of just self-care and being able to just not think about anything for a while really helped me, especially with two midterms this week. I really used it as a moment to think about things and just enjoy the beautiful day!

I can not say or emphasize enough how important self-care is. It is suuuper important that you put some time aside for just you. Whether it's laying in bed all day and just watching shows or taking a drive somewhere, use it as a day of being stress-free and relaxation.

Now to a week of studying for midterms and prepping for hosting!

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Here's the quote (well, more like picture) of the week:

♥ Jessica