Winter Wonder...Week?

Hey everyone! How are you? How's it going?

Wow has the past week been suuuuper eventful, in a good and kinda bad way. The snow from my post last Sunday did not stick so classes were still on the next day and that Monday night, it started to snow again buuut classes were not canceled for Tuesday...or so everyone thought! I was in the chemistry research lab and from the one window in the lab, all of us could see how fast that snow was falling!! Then Jessica, one of the chemistry faculty members, came in and told us that the campus was closing at 12:30 which meant any classes after were canceled! For me, this meant going back to my room and getting some much needed rest! 
Little Snow Person says Hello!
The good news doesn't stop there! The next morning when I got up at 6 AM to get ready for my 8 AM class, I get the email that says that campus is closed for the entire day due to the snow! You bet I slept in for as long as I could because when there is a chance to catch up on sleep, oh do I catch up on sleep! That Wednesday seemed like such a long day since I spent all day in my room and just getting work done. Then Thursday, campus was to be open at 11 AM which meant any classes after would be open. Here's where the sorta bad news comes :(

On Thursdays, I usually have bio lab from 9:40 - 12 so when my lab instructor heard that campus was opening at 11, she emailed us saying that we will be going in for an hour. I was glad that I wouldn't behind in lab but I was kinda sad that I couldn't sleep in for a bit longer. Theeeen the next bad thing is because the week was so weird and something my body is not accustomed to, I can feel this next week being super duper duper looooong. While I did enjoy getting more rest, the days off felt like weekends and going to class has been a struggle, especially the 8 AMs. 

Well, I'm really looking forward to this week and getting my body adjusted to being back on schedule! I'm currently in the library and watching the rain from the window! I liked the snow but rainy Portland has a different feeling that I love so much!

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Here's the quote of the week:

"You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen."- Michelle Obama

♥ Jessica