A New Job & More Rowing

Hello everyone!

This week has been really fun!

I started my new job as an assistant to the English & History departments here on campus. The job is cool because I get to have office experience, work with some graphic design things, and get to know the faculty. I get to create the flyers for upcoming events that are hosted by the departments. So now I am an office assistant, a lunch host, blogger, and notetaker. There are lots of opportunities for different kinds of jobs on campus which is really nice.

View from the UW boathouse
This weekend was filled with rowing. On Saturday we had our  Orange vs. Black Regatta which is where our crew team is split in half and we get to create the lineups and race against each other. My team, the black team, won! We raced a mixed 8 that won the first round, my women’s 4 won the second round, and our final best mixed 8 won the last round. Then later on Saturday night, the varsity boats got on a bus and we headed up to Seattle for the Head of the Lake Regatta on Sunday. I have been rowing for about 7 weeks and it was so amazing to be able to be a part of the women’s varsity 8 boat today. We rowed with purpose and came in 6th place - beating the University of Oregon! The course was super cool and very beautiful. We rowed under bridges and past the Seattle skyline and through the famous Montlake Cut. 
The race course

Also a fun note: this summer I read The Boys in the Boat (10/10 would recommend you read it!!) which is about the true story of how the University of Washington team went to the Berlin Olympics and won gold. So there’s a lot of history in the rowing program at UW and it was cool to see the old boat house and the racing shell the boys won the Olympics in.

Have a wonderful day,