Satan's Circus

Every fall semester around Halloween Fire Arts puts on the Danced of the Damned, our big fall show.   This year’s theme was Satan’s Circus.  It went great!  We have a bunch of new members who only joined this semester and everyone did a really good job with their numbers.  We had hypnotists, jugglers, acrobats, snake charmers, clowns, demons, and a peanut vendor among others.  There was quite an audience the first night, it was over 100 (probably around 120), and the second night had about 60 people. 

We had been preparing for this show since mid-September and it was great to see it come out so well.  I was in two of the numbers: the intro to get everyone’s attention and later I tortured a damned soul with my rope dart.  (Really, I threw a ball of fire close to her face and she fell over as if she’d been hit.)  It took a lot of practice, but I think it was worthwhile.

Our shows are usually planned by picking a theme and then all our members choose an idea related to that theme that they want to pursue.  The different numbers are then stitched together in a way that makes sense.  We decided that since it was our Halloween show we wanted to do an evil circus theme.  From there it developed into Satan’s circus in which he tortures his damned souls.

Here’s the lineup:
An intro to get everyone’s attention (a “Pink Elephants On Parade” remix)
Satan’s dance with demon backup dancers (“I’m the Bad Guy”)
An evil clown attacks a damned soul (“That Laughing Track”)
An acrobatic Succubus (“Seven Devils”)
A hypnotist (“Sacred Somnom Woods”)
The fight between the hypnotized victim and a demon (“Adventure’s End”)
A peanut vendor from a circus in New York accidentally wanders into hell and is made to perform (“Take It Off”)
Some demons decide they like the peanut vendor and have her join them (a “highway to Hell” edit)
My torturing of a damned soul (“Gods and Monsters”)
A juggling act (“The Jitters”)
A martial artist (“Evil”)
A famous knife thrower who has now swapped to the more satisfying hobby of just stabbing people (“Father of Victory March”)
Satan’s goodnight (“Blood on My Name”)

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