A Tribute to Maggie's

If you're not familiar with Lewis & Clark's campus, Maggie's Cafe is one of the three main places to get food on campus. It's located on the lower floor of the Roberts apartment building, and it's nestled up close to almost all of our residence halls. I enjoy Maggies a lot and think it's a cozy little place to get work done, have meetings, or grab a  hot drink.

For those of you who haven't been here before, Maggie is a smallish cafe/convenience store. They serve your typical hot drinks and teas, and they have pastries and sandwiches to order. They also sell salads and small meals to go. Then there's a section with all kinds of snack foods and microwavable or oven reheatable meal, as well as some basics like cheese and eggs and cereal and lots of soft drink and juice options. It's nice and convenient to have so many different food options so that you don't have to go off campus to get something, and it's nice that Maggies is so close to most res halls.  There's also a full case of ben and jerries ice cream and talenti sorbet if you want to get a fix for your sweet tooth.

I think Maggies a great place to study when I want to be around other people but still focused on work. It's nice that it's closer to my dorm than the library so when I want to get out of my room but not walk too far it's a nice option. There's a nice bar with barstools that lines the windows, and I like to sit there to get work done and look out the windows. There are also a few tables for hanging out in groups, and most of the Cafe is full of couches and chairs with coffee tables.  t's also a nice place to meet people for a casual meeting, and I've definitely met people there before for different school things or on-campus job stuff. It's a really go relaxing environment for meetings.

Typically whoever is working is in charge of the music so there is always an interesting mix of things to listen to and it's usually pretty good. Usually, there are at least a few people hanging out studying individually or in groups, and on weeknights, there are even more people around. It's usually quietest in the mornings if you stop by to get a drink before class. It's open until midnight every day and if you stay until after 11 or 11:30 the pastries go on sale and sometimes at the very end of the night they'll even give them away for free so they don't go to waste.

10/10 would recommend a study sesh in maggies

If you have any questions or want to more about life as a student as LC, please email me at quentingaul@lclark.edu