Connections with Alumni

Hello everyone!

Can you believe this coming week is already the last week of February? Time goes so fast sometimes. Even though it’s February, Portland got its first sprinkling of spring weather this week. The sun was out everyday this week with temps in the 50s. It was so beautiful. I can’t wait for the actual spring to come with warmer weather. 

This was a pretty busy week. On Thursday I attended a lunch with the Board of Trustee members and students from the law and graduate school. It was cool to get to know the Board members and hear about their professional experiences. Later on Thursday night, I attended a dinner for an LC alum with other students from my IA 350 class. Nate, the alum, was receiving an award for a notable young alum of the college. It was cool to meet him and hear about the career he has had pretaining to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which led him to the Washington Post. I enjoy having these opportunities to connect with Lewis & Clark alum to find out what kinds of jobs are possible with a liberal arts college degree. Sometimes the future seems pretty daunting and there are so many things I am interested in doing in the future but I am not always sure where the right place to start is. It is reassuring to hear the different alumni talk about the experiences transitioning from undergrad into careers or onto masters and PhD programs. I also attended an event with the Board of Alumni’s Equity and Inclusion committee on Friday. The committee wanted to get to know the student leaders of the various unions and affinity groups on campus to better understand how they are impacting the LC community. Myself and the other leaders of the Adoptee club all attended. 

On Friday I turned 20 and got to celebrate it surrounded by lots of wonderful friends. My roommate made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for the occasion. At night I had a party with a lot of my friends. It was an awesome evening of hanging out, eating cake, and dancing. It was fun to have my different friend groups all in the same place together. I am super lucky to be able to know so many amazing people at this school. On Saturday night, the Student Life department, Black Student Union, and the Senior Experience Committee put on an event called Spring Fling in the dining hall. There were food trucks outside and dancing inside. I had not planned on going for very long but ended up staying and dancing with my friends which was super fun. 

I have my first midterm this Wednesday for my religious studies class. The test probably won’t be too challenging and we have a very detailed study guide for it which will help. I am not really worried about it. I just need to put in the study time between now and Tuesday night. 

Have a wonderful day,