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Portland is known for its grey weather, and oftentimes the weather is an important factor in deciding where you want to go to college, I know it is something I considered. Now that I've lived in Portland for 2 years, I feel like I understand the weather a lot better, and I've really come to appreciate it.

I'm from New Mexico so I'm used to sunny days and blue skies, so coming to Portland I was excited for the change in weather, even if it would be rainier. Overall my experience has been that everyone is a little dramatic about how grey and rainy it is. Yeah, there are some weeks where it is grey for long stretches, and the air is usually damp, but it is always punctuated by moments of sunshine. What I've realized is that I don't notice the rainy days very much, but on the days where it' bright and sunny, I really notice and appreciate those days more. This is especially in the winter and into spring as it begins to get less rainy and the days get warmer and sunnier.

I also really appreciate the sunny days because the entire campus has the same experience of appreciating the sun is out, and it feels like a mini holiday. Professors will try to hold class outside if possible, or they'll let people out a few minutes early to enjoy the weather. The quad between academic buildings is absolutely bustling with people throwing frisbees and lounging on the grass every minute between classes. The estate gardens are also usually full of people hanging out and eating lunch or doing homework, and enjoying the view of Mount Hood. I still love seeing mount hood anytime it comes out, especially on really clear, crisp days where you can see every detail. The best surprise though is when you get to see Mount St. Hellens, because that is only visible on the really clear days, and it's only visible from some specific spots on campus, so you'll just be walking along and then St. Hellens pops up from over the buildings and it's always a delight.

So the sunny days are fantastic, they help ease you into the beginning of the school year, and get you excited for the summer at the end of the school year. Admittedly though, the sunny days are far fewer than the rainy ones, or the grey ones. I personally enjoy those days just as much. I may be a little biased because I'm from New Mexico (and I don't get to enjoy rain too much there), but I think rain can be really cool. I absolutely love sitting by the window and listening to it patter down, and it's really great when I get to fall asleep to the sound of rain. When I'm doing my homework rain is the perfect weather for a cup of tea and some reading, which is good because I usually have a lot of reading. The grey days without rain really suit the campus atmosphere, and I love walking around and taking pictures of the fog or the dewy tree branches. Campus is very foresty and a lot of the paths are cobblestone, and the grey weather really fits the campus, especially frank manor house.

I'll be honest though, there are some days where the weather isn't as romantic and I do get a little tired of it, and I find myself hoping for a sunny hour or two. But overall, the weather is just the weather and you don't spend too much of your day thinking about it. The times when I do stop the think about it though-- like right now-- I always find myself happy to be here, in all types of weather. 

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