Staying Active at LC

Hello everyone!

February is here and it has yet to snow here in Portland. I am still hopeful that we will have a snow day before March comes. This was the first full week of school and it was not too bad. I am really enjoying my class schedule and I am finding all of my courses to be engaging and interesting. 

The bouldering class that I am taking started up this week and it was really fun to have time during the day set aside for climbing. On Mondays we have a lesson day where we might work on technique and other things. Then on Wednesdays it is more of a day to just project and we end it with a core workout. There are some neat routes at The Circuit (the climbing gym 10 mins from campus) that I am projecting right now. I’ll also be going to climbing team practices starting this Tuesday night which I’m pumped about because they will help me become a better climber. 

Trees in Tryon
I do not really consider myself a runner and I have always found running to be very difficult. However, it is a form of exercise that you can do anywhere and it gets me outside which is awesome. I want to become a better runner in the sense that I would like to take fewer walking breaks during my runs. Running makes me feel strong. My friend Caleb and I have been dedicating ourselves to running this semester. We usually run on our own during the week and then do a longer run together on the weekends. Today we talked about training for the half-marathon that takes place in Bend, OR this April 19th. We want to gradually add about a mile or so to our long runs on the weekends. We did a 4 mile loop from campus down into Tryon Creek State Park and back today. It was pretty chilly (about 36ยบ F) when we went this morning but at least it was only partly cloudy and sunny. I find it personally more challenging to convince myself to go on a run when it is super rainy. 

Auditions for Dance Y, the spring student run show, were this Saturday. 60 people auditioned which was really cool. The black box was packed with people and it was very warm in there. It was fun to hangout with friends and move my body. Overall it definitely was not my best audition ever but auditions are always great learning experiences and I love seeing all the other talented students at LC. I got cast in two pieces (each piece has rehearsals for two hours per week) which I am super excited about. In one piece I will get to be dancing with my friends and in the other I do not know anyone very well so I am looking forward to making new friends through it. Although I am incredibly busy, I am really looking forward to having this creative and athletic outlet. 

Have a wonderful day,