Cuffing Season

The chaos of the semester is back as classwork is once again building up, and midterms are resuming to their normal schedule. While the workload is stressful, the fall vibes are giving rise to an interesting phenomenon: cuffing season. 

Across campus, people seem to be making connections, going on dates, and starting relationships. This is unsurprising given the beauty of the LC campus and just how many spectacular fall activities there are to do in the Portland area. Who wouldn’t want to go on fun fall dates amidst such immaculate fall weather?
The stress of classes and coursework at this time of year also make it incredibly important to make connections, and can show you just how much you value someone if they’re able to be supportive during such a stressful time.

Recently, I’ve been witnessing the cuffing season taking root around me. Several of my friends and acquaintances have been recently pursuing potential love interests. And this trend was one that I witnessed last year around this time as well. I may have written it off as the first year relationship craze or maybe it bled together with the quarantine bae trend which had been prevalent. But this year I am realizing just how many people have one year anniversaries around this time of year. 

Cuffing season is once again back in action and honestly I am in complete support of everyone pursuing their potential love interests and getting out there. Evidently in how many one year anniversaries are around this time, maybe cuffing season really works. 

The leaves changing color are a great opportunity to take a fun fall walk, make some pumpkin bread or hit up the art museum in downtown Portland, with a partner, potential love interest, your friends or even by yourself. 

And with Halloween coming up, I’m sure cuffing season will continue to be underway. Everyone at LC really embraces the Halloween spirit and I think that helps bring people together. 

So cuffing season has a lot of implications for a lot of people. If cuffing season is appealing to you; maybe you’re a single person wanting to pursue a potential love interest, or a coupled up person looking to rekindle romance with your partner and now is a great time to do so. I, by no means am an expert but one thing about college is that it challenges you to take risks and that is also so incredibly important when it comes to relationships as well. Relationships are difficult and you have to work and invest to make a relationship succeed. So if you’re afraid to take a risk and go on that date you’re going to miss a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself and also a potential opportunity to connect with someone. 

On the other hand, maybe you're not in a place where cuffing season is appealing to you, in that case don’t hesitate to use this time as an opportunity to reflect on yourself. Take time to get to know yourself as who you are in this phase of your life. Or you could focus on channeling your energy into friendships and really forging strong bonds with people in classes or leveling up in acquaintanceships that you’d like to become friendships. Friendships are also incredibly  important especially at this time of year when it can be easy to just want to stay in your dorm complex rather than go out in the cold autumn air. 

At the end of the day the goal of cuffing season is connection and connection is something you can find throughout your life. As a college student it can be easy to lose sight of the really positive and healthy parts of your life but connecting with yourself and other people is grounding and can help you realize just how awesome it is to be a college student and just how many opportunities are at your fingertips. After all, we’re not going to be young, attractive and free forever, so cease the day and make connections. 

Do what makes you happy this cuffing season, whether single, in a relationship or anywhere in between! We’re all always so busy and so stressed that it's important to not think so hard and just vibe. Although that is often easier said than done, cuffing season should be emotionally fulfilling and a time for connecting and reconnecting.

Here's some pictures of the fun fall vibes in downtown Portland!

Thanks for reading, and happy cuffing season!