let's talk: last week of sophomore year

 hi, hello & welcome once again! This week's blog is the last! Sooo, you know what that means- end of the school year, but also finals :( lol. 

* Also, yay college decision day! wishing all the best luck and least amount of stress for those making their decisions or making different decisions for their near future.  

As the semester comes to an end, many of us are hanging on, trying to get that B or just pass. No shame to any efforts, the challenges are real, college is not what is made to be by the media and a smaller conversation for the marginalized communities on campuses.  

In celebration of our last week, our lovely IME sponsored the Poetry of Color final dinner. They sure did treat us well, because we ate at Mongolian Beef & Hotpot in Portland and got dessert after. What a reassuring way to start the last week. And getting to spend time and stories with our wonderful & intelligent seniors before they graduate and we have to say goodbyes or “see you soons”. Finding a community in IME, Poetry of Color, Race Monologues, and so many more diverse spaces have truly kept me afloat at LC.

Last Friday on my way to gift a book to my friend, I was surprised to find a boba truck & a not so  little visitor on campus! I was in shock but also excited and intrigued to see a llama up close and personal, and it was lovely. In all honesty I’m not sure how much brain space I had to comprehend the new addition to campus.

But this week is something funny to me, because my finals are at the end of the week therefore I leave campus later rather than earlier. Now I know, you might be thinking, “it’s not that bad”. You may be correct to some extent lol. I am beyond ready to be bathed in the sun and carelessly live without the weight of school looming over my head and heart- at least for 3 months, do a little healing.

Little psa for our incoming freshies about finals. Most finals are held within a 3 hour period ranging from the earliest- 8:30am to the latest 6pm (as far as my knowledge extends). Depending on the class, students are not required to stay the whole 3hrs, but others- yes. 

On a final note, you got this, we got this! 

hurry back ice cream @ sellwood.
once was good enough for me :)
i got the strawberry & my roommate got banana cream pie and they were lovely and filling :)