13 October 2015

Why I Chose Lewis & Clark

So this past weekend, there was an Admissions Open House, which meant there were a lot of perspective students and their families around campus. I was asked a few questions by perspective students, and so were a few or my residents who happen to be tour guides. So today I decided to write about why I chose Lewis & Clark four years ago (wow has it really been that long?).

1: The location
I love the Pacific Northwest. I used to live in Connecticut, but now reside in Central California, so I miss seasons, especially cold winters, but don't miss being snowed in. Conveniently in Portland, the winters get chilly enough that it feels like winter, but we maybe get a few days where it snows (but very little). It also just has an overall greater difference between different seasons. Right now, it is very clearly Fall, with crisp air, windy nights, red and yellow leaves falling from trees, and chilly mornings. Campus is also located perfectly for adventures. Downtown Portland is just 20 minutes away via bus, and not far by bike either! If you want to go into the wilderness, we have mountains, deserts, the coast, the gorge, waterfalls and so much more close by!

2: The people
Through my years here, I have found that the students (and staff) and L&C are doers. They are not the type of people to sit around and complain about something. Instead, they hold rallies, get in groups to talk about issues, hold forums, write letters, and get actual change to happen. If there is something that a L&C student wants to do, they will do it.

3: The Classes
As a Liberal Arts College, L&C works hard to make sure that every student leaves with a full and rich education of as many fields of study as possible. I'm a Biology Major, and I've taken classes in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Chemistry, English, Music, History, Spanish, Russian, Wilderness Medicine, and more! And that is not rare for any L&C student. Most students take many classes outside of their major, and I feel that that prepares us for the world much more than just focusing on one specific field to study. I feel as though I can understand Biology more, and communicate it better because of my other classes, and it makes me a better student, and person. Also, the class sizes are amazingly small. I know every one of my professors and have had many talks with them all. If I miss class, they check in on me to make sure that I am ok and understand the material, and will work outside of class to catch me up if I need help. Our professors continually make sure that we as students are getting the most we can out of class and that we are being the best students that we can be.

4: The Opportunities

There are so many opportunities that I've had at L&C that I would not have had elsewhere that still amaze me. As an Undergrad, I have done lots lab work and had chances to work 1-1 with professors in their own research. I've worked for many different departments at the college, working closely with Anna Gonzales, our Dean of Students, all of the staff in Campus Living, along with professors throughout the college. The leadership and academic opportunities on this campus are endless and all I wish is that I had been been able to take advantage of all of them.

5: The Feeling
When I visited campus all those years ago, I just felt a connection here that was so strong. It felt like home. And through the years that feeling has grown immensely. It is my last year here, and I know that I will be so sad to leave this spring. This place is truly my second home, and I get excited every year, or at the end of every break, to come back.
I wish all of you luck in your future college endeavors. If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me at jprovost@lclark.edu.

Have a wonderful week!