13 October 2019

Downtown Portland Study Time

I'm writing this post from a coffee shop in downtown Portland so I thought I would talk a little bit about spending time in Portland and getting off-campus. I'm a tour guide, and one of the questions that I get a lot is how much time students spend off-campus, especially since first-years aren't allowed to have cars on campus. In my experience, the city is pretty accessible even without a car, and I love taking advantage of the city.

How to get off campus 
The Pioneer Express is usually how people get off campus into downtown. It's a shuttle run by the school that takes you to the nearest grocery store, Fred Myers (Freddie's), and into downtown near the Portland State campus. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get downtown which is perfect to listen to a podcast or at least part of one. A lot of people take the Pio and then walk or uber/lyft, or catch the TriMet to get to other destinations in Poland. Speaking of the TriMet, that's portland public transit system and you can access it from downtown or by getting the public bus that stops at LC. If you want to get somewhere in a different direction than the Pio most people either rent a ZipCar for a few hours or take a lyft or an uber. Lyft and uber are nice if you're going somewhere with a group of friends because once you split the cost it usually winds up being only a few bucks per person.

What Portland is usually like
Even though it's a big city downtown usually isn't too crowded or crazy. There are lots of restaurants and food trucks in the area near the pio stop which is nice. There are some houseless people in downtown but no matter what downtown usually feels pretty safe. Sometimes it feels very much like an episode of Portlandia when you see people walking around in flannels with brightly colored hair drinking local coffee. I remember once seeing a group of drag queens walking past a "keep portland weird" mural while I was standing on the street between food trucks and voodoo doughnuts and I doesn't think there will ever be a more portland moment. You'll always run into something entertaining and quintecentally portland in the city. 

Popular stuff to do in the city
A lot of students like to go into the city to get food from restaurants or food trucks. On the weekends there's a farmers market that takes place right at PSU where the pio stop is which is really convenient and that's a fun thing to go to. There's also the larger Portland Saturday market (happens Saturday and Sunday) and that's a fun event that a lot of people like to go to. Thrift shopping is also pretty popular, there's a really nice buffalo exchange in downtown and lots of other second-hand stores that usually have good finds. Going to Powell's bookstore is also pretty popular, especially for first-years. There's a lot to explore there besides just books, and a lot of students have posters from Powells ro decorate their dorms. Concerts are also pretty popular and sometimes you can get student discounts at different venues.

Coming back to campus 
I'm really happy to go to school in Portland and to have access to the city, but no matter how much I enjoy being in the city it always feels really nice to come back to campus. I really like that Lewis & Clark is its own isolated campus, I remember visiting other schools that were more mixed in with other city buildings and it was hard to tell where all the college was and where the community was. I really appreciate every time I go home to my dorm and the campus feels like a safe and contained little community of its own.  I think there's something about the campus that makes it feel like I'm going home to the whole campus and not just my dorm room.

If you have any questions about student life at LC, please email me at quentingaul@lclark.edu 

Spooky Midterms

Hi everyone!

It's October which means that it's spoopy season but....it also means...midterm season...

I'm taking a total of 5 classes with one being a lab so I only have four midterms to take. Right now, it's our last day of fall break which is more like a long weekend than it is a break buuuuut I have only gone through 2 midterms and have 2 left to do. I'm so happy for this break though. I was starting to feel like this skeleton on the left from everything that I had to do. Yea, being a STEM major is difficult but I enjoy everything I get to do and learn in my classes and in lab so I guess it's a pretty a good balance. Besides, what's life without challenges here and there? Plus, all my professors are amazing and I am so happy to have them as professors!

Since it's fall break, I've had a friend from home come and visit me while I was on break! While he came earlier on in the week, we weren't really able to go many places because of...midterms (gives me chills writing the word). But, Portland was kind to us and still gave us an entire week of pretty good weather. What I mean by good weather is that it still isn't the stormy, chillingly cold PNW weather. The sun came out to say hi and the clouds gave us beautiful white morning skies! Since it was still good weather, we were able to go to various places like the Portland Japanese Garden! What's great about the garden is that you can show them you're student ID and they'll give you a student discount! I've been wanting to go to the gardens for awhile and only had the chance to go to the International Rose Test Garden which is absolutely beautiful and free to go to! The roses smell absolutely amazing and when the sun is out and warm, it's a nice place to have a picnic at! When we went to the Japanese Garden, it was so beautiful!
Koi Fish
My favorite part is the tiny waterfall they have and the koi fish pond! The koi fish here were a lot bigger than the ones I've seen before. My suspicions (and I'm probably wrong LOL) is that it's because it's colder here so they're much fatter to keep themselves warm.
I absolutely love being outdoors when I have the time and chance too. I love walking and just enjoying the beautiful greenery and views that nature has to offer us! There is nothing more refreshing than going on a walk and just enjoying the peace of mind nature creates. Just being able to enjoy the simple things in life and just for a moment, forgetting all the stress and frantic moments that being in school has to offer. Which is why I am so happy for this break. Sure, it's only a four day weekend but being able to have four days to mentally and physically take care of myself is just so refreshing. Having the chance to finally clean my apartment and properly stock up my fridge and pantry just comforts me. Also, being able to catch up on work that I may have fallen behind on a bit is even better. Knowing that everything is okay and fine for the time being has me feeling better in bed every night when I go to bed.

Anyways, I need to make lunch because ya girl is hungry haha + + another perk of living in the apartment is being able to cook! Hmmm maybe I'll make some grilled cheese today? Who knows, I might just have the leftover spaghetti I made last night haha

I hope you all have an amazing week and here's a spoopy gif of encouragement:

If you have any questions or anything, email me at:


Have an amazing week everyone!

- Jessica

Fall Break!

Hello everyone!

This past week has been both very busy and  very fun. On Monday, the Campus Activities Board and ASLC (our student government) teamed up to help give away free ice cream to students. We also had our first committee meeting for CSRC (community service and relations committee). I am excited to be a part of the committee and to work on community service projects and scholarship fundraising for students. Classes have been going well and I have one more midterm this coming Thursday and then nothing major due for about a month. After this post is written, I have to start studying for the humanitarian intervention midterm, ah!

This week was also great because it included Fall Break! No classes on Thursday and Friday meant a nice long weekend to do fun things and relax. This year my friends and I drove up north to Canada. On our road trip up we stopped for the afternoon in Seattle and explored Pikes Place. In Vancouver, Canada we did lots of eating and exploring. On Friday we explored downtown in the morning, then we went to Granville island, and later we went to the anthropology museum at the University of British Columbia. We also walked down many steps to reach the beach on the UBC campus. My favorite part of the trip was spending time on the beach and looking for cool rocks. The whole time we were on our trip it was beautiful and sunny which was an added bonus. 

We are approaching the halfway mark as this coming week is the seventh week of the semester. Time really goes so quickly! I am super excited because my family is coming to visit over Parents Weekend in two weeks. 

Have a wonderful day,


06 October 2019

Exam season begins!

This past week has really flown by. In the athletic world, the volleyball team had a game on Wednesday against George Fox where we swept them in 3! Usually, we play teams Friday and Saturday night, but mid-week games are super fun. I think that it makes our Monday and Tuesday practices way more engaging because the pace of the practice is faster. Friday night, we played Pacific Lutheran, a top three team in our conference, and that game was most definitely the best we as a team have played all season. We played for each other and gave to our teammates.

Saturday morning, we hosted an alumni tournament where previous players of the college volleyball team got to come and play against and with the current team. We had a good amount of alums show up and had a wide range of classes from people who graduated last year to a graduate from the class of 1989! It was a great opportunity to ask them questions about their experience both academically and post-graduation. One tip that I received was to study abroad. I hope to study abroad the spring semester of my junior year here at LC.

In the academic world, I have my first exam of the semester coming up this Wednesday for Psychology. It will be focused on the different kinds of conditioning, different types of learning, and intelligence. Class got canceled on Friday due to my professor coming down with the flu. Two of my professors have gotten the flu as it is making its way around campus. I am definitely being mindful and staying hydrated as well as taking a lot of Emergen-c.

My Econ class continues to be the class that I am finding the most challenging for a couple of reasons. 1) It takes place at 8 AM and 2) I find that it is like a massive puzzle and I need to figure out how to put all of the pieces together.

At the end of this week the volleyball team will travel to Washington to play Whitman and Whitworth, so we don't really get a Fall Break like the rest of the campus but on the bright side, we don't miss any classes to travel which is a big bonus.

As always, if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)

~ Isabel Artiaga


Choosing a study abroad program

A lot of prospective students are attracted to Lewis & Clark because of the fantastic study abroad programs are offered and let me tell you, that's a great reason the be interested in LC and an amazing offering. If you're not familiar with LC's study abroad programs, the general overview is that the school offers more than 30 programs and they're constantly updating them and adding new ones. Some of the programs are lead by LC faculty, and some are partnerships with other universities abroad, and you can choose language intensives, cultural surveys, or major-specific programs.

So with all those options, the real issue is: How do you choose a program???? I knew for sure I wanted to study abroad, and probably for two semesters, but it took me really a full year of contemplation and investigation to decide what I wanted.

Step one: overthink things way too far in advance
Fall of my sophomore year I got it into my head that maybe I should study abroad fall of my sophomore year (I would be abroad right now if I had done that). Thankfully after a great conversation with the advising staff at the Overseas Office, they convinced me that there was no rush and I would probably really appreciate being on campus fall my sophomore year. I'm so glad they convinced me of that because they were right and I'm so happy to be back home at LC this year.

Step two: a full year away or two-semester?
For me personally, I knew I wanted to study abroad for more than just a semester. The difficult question though was whether I wanted to do a full year in one place, two semesters in different places back to back in one year, or two semesters in different school years. Firstly I decided I didn't want to only have half my sophomore year and half my junior years on campus because it's harder to get invested in campus life if you're only there half the year. Then it was a really tough choice between getting the deeper emersion and cultural experience of one full year somewhere or having the experience of visiting two countries that I might not get to visit in any other situation. Eventually, I decided to do two programs, both in my junior year. Both programs are Spanish language programs though so I get to work on improving my Spanish the whole time. And part of my decision was influenced by the fact that I decided I wanted to do a faculty lead program with LC students and an LC professor so that I could still have a stronger connection to the school.

Step three: over-analyze every program
Maybe Taiwan or Senegal?? even though I don't speak those languages nor am I very interested in the regions. The overseas office has a great website with details on each program, which is very helpful and I'm grateful for it, but sometimes I can get a little too invested in reading every program description to really decide if it was for me. I knew I had to to a high-level Spanish intensive as a requirement for my Hispanic Studies major, so that helped narrow down at least one program. And eventually, it helped that I decided I wanted to do Spanish for two semesters. So then I just carefully considered my options.

Step Four: Talk to everyone I can
Once I had it narrowed down a bit I had a couple meetings with the study abroad office to ask some specific questions about different programs and what kind of gen ed requirements I might be able to fill in different programs. I also talked to program alums, the faculty leading trips I was interested in, and the college advising center to make sure whatever I chose would fit my majors and graduation requirements. This helped me decide even further and really solidify my plans.

Step Five: Decide and apply
After all of this I finally decided to study abroad in Ailcante, Spain and Havana, Cuba. But just so I'm clear, not everyone is this crazy about how they choose a program. I have a friend who decided to study abroad in Thailand next year only a few weeks before applications were do. So the road to study abroad is different for everyone.

Step six: be excited
At this point, I've done all my over analyzing and decision making, and I can just enjoy being able to tell people my plans. 'What are you doing for study abroad?' Is a common question at LC, since so many people study abroad. And now I get to excitedly share what my plans are with everyone. Part of me is also a little sad that I'll be missing out on a full year at LC with all my friends and proffessors who I've really grown to enjoy. But overall my excited at the opportunity to live abroad in Spain and Cuba outweighs how much I'll miss LC. I know for sure though that coming back for my senior year will feel like coming home.

Visit the Study abroad page here 

If you have any questions, my name is Quentin Gaul and you can contact me at quentingaul@lclark.edu, please don't hesitate!

Climbing to New Heights

Hello everyone,

Week 5 is done so we are a third of the way done with fall semester! It also means that we are in midterm season. This past week I got my international political economy midterm back and did really well on it which is exciting because the hard work of studying paid off. I also took my US foreign policy midterm and felt pretty good about it. This coming week is fall break and I’m really looking forward to having some time off from school, work, and other activities. 

Yesterday, I competed in the Portland Boulder Rally which was my first ever climbing competition. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many climbers of all levels, ages, and backgrounds. The environment was super supportive and energized. I had a lot of fun pushing myself to try harder routes and test my limits. I came away from the comp feeling really strong and excited to continue climbing. I also took 3rd place in the Women’s Recreational category which was pretty neat. I’m excited to be on the LC’s climbing team because it will help me become a better climber. 

Last weekend I got to climb outdoors for the first time ever and it was so cool! I went on the Smith Rock trip with College Outdoors and we spent all of last Saturday out on the rocks climbing. It was so fun and challenging and I am stoked to do more of it now. It was a little bit rainy and cold when we were walking into the park but luckily once we started climbing it cleared up and warmed up. Due to the less favorable weather there were fewer people climbing so we got to climb some walls that are normally busy. It was fun to hangout with my friends on the trip and make new friends as well. 

Have a wonderful day,


29 September 2019

Year 2 what it do!

Hi everyone! I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to join the blogging team
here at LC. The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. I am a member of the
women’s volleyball team and conference started for us last week. We have been on campus
and training since the middle of August and practice four days a week and lift two days
a week when we’re in season. This past week, we were fortunate enough to have two back-
to-back home games. Our student section was crazy loud and we really used their energy to
help us win against Linfield. Our game last night against University of Puget Sound was a
nail biter and we took it to five sets (if you’re not familiar with collegiate volleyball, the game
is determined by who can win the best three out of five sets) and it was close, but we ended up
losing 2-3. Our head coach Emily Hayes stressed that this wasn’t really a loss. She stated that we
never really lose, we either win, or we learn.

The volleyball team are the most recent winners of the ChamPIONs award at our annual
ELCYs awards night. Basically, the award went to the team that displayed the best
performance in and out of the classroom. Our team motto is “Live It!” Living It means
putting others before yourself as well as doing the right thing in the hardest situations even
when you don't want to. As a team, we Live It everyday by representing Lewis & Clark and
the volleyball program as a whole. We Live it together by pushing ourselves each and everyday
through our frustration and tiredness and we do it for the person next to us. We, as a team, Live It
both on and off the court by pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves each and everyday. 

Last night, we honored women and girls in sports before our game. Each player on our team chose
a female athlete that we considered as a role model to us. I chose Megan Rapinoe because of the
conversation she fueled this summer with the wold cup. Serena Williams, Bethany Hamilton, Kerri
Walsh, and Gabby Douglas were among some of the female athletes that we honored. 

This upcoming week, I am looking forward to my psychology and rhetoric and media studies
classes. Both of my professors for those classes are new additions to LC and I think that they
are most definitely the best professors that I have ever had. Heather Hayes is my rhetoric professor
and Sarah Haverly is my psychology professor. Both of them are so incredibly passionate about
what they teach that it has made me excited to go to their classes. 

So far in rhetoric, we have analyzed Hitler’s Mein Kampf and how Martin Luther King Jr called
people to protest. We have also dissected advertisements and looked at them from different
frameworks and asked ourselves whether each ad is effective or not. In psychology, we have talked
about different research methods that psychologists use when they test their hypotheses as well as
learning about the different kinds of conditioning that have been discovered such as classical

Looking into this upcoming week, I have a pretty busy schedule. We have two home games
again which is awesome! And it is supposed to start actually raining which I am very excited for.
See you next week!

~ Izzy