06 December 2016

Signing Off for the Semester

It’s that time again, everyone is either studying or working on their final projects so there isn’t much going on around campus.  Unless you want to hear about 3-fluoro-2-methylpent-2-en-4(Z)-yn-1-ol, I don’t have all that much to write about.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes and after that things will get more interesting.  We get two reading days to study and during those Watzek (the library) holds a study break which includes food and a chance to play with dogs.  Plus, there are a few other events around campus to help keep the stress down and to give students the opportunity to relax for a bit.  Free doughnuts are a nice thing.

The Fire Arts End of Semester Celebration

This rather short post will likely be my last of the semester.  I’ll be heading home in just over a week and between now and then I need to focus on studying.  I hope all of you have a delightful holiday season and I’ll see you again in January.

As always, feel free to contact me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu if you have any questions about L&C.

Snow and Finals

Well, there is only one week of the semester left. It is weird that it is almost done. The semester has flown by. Now we just have to get through finals, which will be tough and rewarding at the same time. I will have three next week, so I am looking forward to being done with them. Classes end this Wednesday, then we have two reading days, where you can study as much as you want. I prefer to go to the library or get a classroom with my friends so that we can talk out loud, which helps me study. Then on Saturday finals start, with Sunday being off. My two hardest finals, Molecular Biology and Structural Biochemistry, are on next Wednesday, the last day of finals. While it will be nice to have a lot of time to study for them, it sucks that they are on the same day.

It is officially winter here in Portland! Last Friday I finally got to go snowboarding up at Mt. Hood. It was relaxing to get off campus and go do something where I didn’t have to think about school for a day. The resort I went to, Timberline, had almost all of their runs open finally, and my friend Cale and I were able to go all over the mountain. Also, I had to put chains on my car for the first time ever. It took a couple of tries, but I was successful in putting them on and driving in the snow. For a little while it was even snowing, but then it turned into mist by the end of the day. The only bad part was that when I put on my chains, the back right tire chain was hitting something and made a really loud noise the whole way up, but thankfully my car wasn’t damaged at all.

Also this past week, it snowed here on campus! It rarely snows in Portland, so when it does, it is a big deal. Unfortunately it wasn’t cold enough to stick to the ground, but it was still cool to see it coming down. A lot of my friends, who are Hawaiian and have never seen snow fall, were in awe of it all day. This week it is predicted to snow more, so hopefully we will have another chance to see some. It has been very cold on campus these few days, and it really feels like winter now.

This is my last post for the semester, so I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Until next semester.

The road going up to Timberline. 

Cale and I. 

03 December 2016

Snapchats and Dance X

Hey friends!

I hope you all caught my snapchat take over! You can probably still get a lot of it if you check it out today @lclarkpioneers. I took y'all through my day studying, grabbing some Trail Room (Troom - LC lingo) lunch, and then backstage and behind the scenes of Dance X! We're finally here! I can't believe it's already time for performances. It's just another reminder that the end of the semester is upon us. We also just finished our last full week of classes! That's CRAZY! I've already started studying for my finals. It's that last stretch, I don't have a ton of homework anymore, it's mostly final projects and papers that need to be finished now.

My snapchat takeover!

Last night was our opening night! It was fantastic! I had a lab practical yesterday too and have spent every night this week at dress rehearsal and then going to the bio lab when I was done. I haven't gotten much sleep at all this week. We have two performances each night. My dance is the last piece of the show and when we get around to the 10:00 show we don't get on stage until about 11:15 and I was exhausted. However, the moment you step on stage you get this huge surge of energy and you can't sit still. Both performances last night were very strong and tonight it's only going to get better!


Next week will probably be my last post of the semester! It's been really great to share my life at LC with all of you! As always if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out @ Ksaylor@lclark.edu


30 November 2016

Thanksgiving Break

Can we please get a few more days of Thanksgiving break? It went by way too quickly. It was incredibly enjoyable to relax the past few days and not even think about school at all. Since my brother and I stayed here for the break, both of us and two of our teammates who live next to me and who also stayed here over break decided to have our own Thanksgiving meal. The day before Thanksgiving we found a little Mexican market in Tigard, which is about twenty minutes from here, and got ourselves some carne asada to cook for the day.  Carne asada is thin, marinated beef that is grilled. We cut it up into little slices and serve it in tortillas. We also got some beans, rice, and salsa. It's a favorite from home, so we had that instead of turkey.

It turned out really great. We spent most of the morning barbecuing in the rain and preparing the meal that we ate in the middle of the day. After we had our fill, we sat around watching the football games that were on that day. We all took turns taking naps. My brother even fell asleep for three hours! Other than watch football, we played ping pong at times. It was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving since we had to be away from home.

The rest of the break, the four of us didn’t do much else besides hang around and watch football. We even woke up early Saturday morning to watch the Michigan vs. Ohio State game. The twin teammates who live next to me are huge Michigan fans and were going crazy over the game until the very end when Michigan lost.

Since it's almost December, it has become very cold here. There is even a chance of snow next week before classes end! I have never seen snow here on campus, but last year it did snow after we left for the break. Since it has been snowing so much, I plan on going up to Mt. Hood this weekend to go snowboarding. I am really excited for it. Stay tuned!

That’s all for this week.


27 November 2016

Thanksgiving Break and Back to Work

Hello All,

This last week—well officially only Thursday and Friday—was our Thanksgiving break.  My schedule worked out surprisingly well and I was able to drive home with my mom on Monday night. The voyage home was much simpler than last year, when I had to fly in on Thanksgiving morning at 6 am.  Needless to say, I preferred my break this year.

Seeing family and friends from home is always great, and my Thanksgiving break this year was particularly celebratory as one of my cousin’s learned he’d been admitted to medical school the night before! Unfortunately, and as with all breaks it seems, Thanksgiving break seemed to fly very quickly.

The week before was registration week, and I was fortunate enough to get into all of the classes I needed for my major requirements! Because I’m doing a double major—Political Science and Sociology and Anthropology—and also because I’m a transfer student, I'm choosing to take 21 credits next semester, which will undoubtedly be a challenge. I hope to keep you all updated with my packed schedule next semester, as I’m equally unsure just what to expect!

I finish each post with a cheap joke, as I believe humorous puns are the spice of life, and we could all use a joke at the present time. Additionally, I add a “Song of the Week” in order for you readers to get to know me more personally.

Cheap Joke Monday: Why do cows were bells?
Their horns don't work!

Song of the Week: “Lost on You” by LP

For any questions, comments, or cheap jokes you’d like to share with me, you may contact me via email at zack@lclark.edu.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served...

…on Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately since it is 12 hours travel home and 12 hours back, it didn’t make sense for me to go home over Thanksgiving break.  My roommate, however, went home and this left me the perfect opportunity to exact my revenge.  She is one of my best friends and, as friends do, spends part of her time finding ways to annoy me.  After insisting that I watch a strange YouTube video, she has been hiding sticky notes in my stuff with “Noot Noot!” written on them.  I’ve gone to class and found them in my notebooks, I’ve pulled them out of my molecular modeling kit, I’ve removed them from drawers, I’ve found them in my stack of sticky notes, I’ve discovered them in my pillow, I’ve found them hidden behind desk decorations; there’s hardly a place that has escaped having a sticky note at one point or another.

While doing grocery shopping for this weekend I happened across a cheap pack of 400 sticky notes. (By ‘happened,’ I really mean ‘went looking for’).  So I spent a few hours of Thanksgiving writing ‘noot’ 800 times and covering her side of the room in sticky notes.  About 300 of them are visible and the other 100 are hidden in various places such as coat pockets and under her desk.  I kind of like all the sticky notes, the colors help brighten up the room now that the weather has turned.  As I said, they were cheap, so they are beginning to unstick and drift down to the floor like neon-colored snowflakes, but it still looks pretty impressive.

Please feel free to email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu if you have any questions

26 November 2016

Thanksgiving, Dance, and a Surprise!

Hey friends!!!

**also theres a surprise at the end**

Happy Thanksgiving Week! This week was really nice, we all needed a break from school. I  had Monday and Tuesday classes and I got really lucky and had my Wednesday class cancelled. I was able to bolt bus home on Tuesday and have an extra day at home with my mom. Since we're in Seattle and it's not really where my "home" is, I don't have friends here (that sounds really sad, but it's not bad). My mom and I just had a relaxing Thanksgiving. We didn't do the traditional turkey, in fact we never do. We went out for dim sum and Chinese food instead! :D

Din Tai Fung in Seattle!
We spent Black Friday taking a long 6 mile walk along Lake Washington.

Lake Washington
The only thing with Thanksgiving break is that when we get back we have exactly a week and a half of classes until FINALS. What?!? The semester moves so incredible fast. I have an invertebrate Zoology lab practical exam on Friday and tech every single day this week :O ahh. I'm so so so excited about Dance X but it's getting really busy. We had our tech day last weekend when we set everything with the lights and music and it looks great :D I'm really excited. Our dance is going to perform in the spring at ACDA (American College Dance Association) where we can be judged and critiqued.  

Dance X 2016!!!

Anyways, so a lot has been happening and the rest of the semester is a whirlwind. I have a surprise for all of you too! The LC Admissions office has set up a snapchat where you can get an look at the day of an LC student and I'm going to be doing the snapchat takeover FRIDAY Dec. 2! I'll take you along to my classes and maybe a quick shot of the InvertZo lab, behind the scenes of Dance X and backstage. So be sure to check out snapchat this coming Friday!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving whether you were home and with family or with friends or where ever you were I hope it was a day you were surrounded by love and thanks :)

As always if you have any questions you can reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu 
Cheers for now, I'll see you Friday!