23 March 2019

Spring Break! Finally

Hello everyone,

CAB Exec Board
We made it! This week has literally felt so long due to tests but also due to the weather. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had lots of sunshine and temperatures were reaching 70ยบ so it really felt like spring/summer for a minute. One of my professors had class outside for a couple days. However, we have now reverted back to the usual Portland clouds and rain.

Ruth Carter!
On Monday, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) did another one of our pop-ups. We got all sorts of fun doughnuts and gave them away to students in the morning as a little boost for the last week. Tuesday was spent soaking up the sun and studying for midterms. That afternoon we had another 2k test for rowing. On Wednesday night I had the opportunity to attend Ruth Carter’s talk that she gave at LC. She is a professional costume designer who just won an Oscar for her work on Black Panther. It was so amazing to hear her story and see this strong woman of color in the film industry. On Thursday, my roommates and I got a futon for our room. We were a little worried it might not fit but it did! It makes our room feel so much homier and all our friends can sit on it or sleep on it when people stay over. On Friday, I finished up my last test and headed to the airport to go home.

New couch!
I am really looking forward to spending some much-needed time with my family and at home. It will be nice to take a minute to breathe and get ready to head back into the final push of the semester.

Have a wonderful day,

18 March 2019

Midterm Stress (and how to cope)

It's that time of year again when everyone is collectively stressed out about midterms. But next week is spring break so after a long week this week we'll get to have some time off. In the meantime though, we have to figure out how to survive midterm season, and more importantly, do well in classes. Here is a list of my tips to dealing with mid terms, and a discussion of what tests and assignments I have coming up so that you can get an idea of what a typical schedule might be like.

List of upcoming midterms and assignments: 

  • Spanish 301: I just took my second test for the class last week and I think it went well, and not I have an essay about one of the works we've read due Wednesday. 
  • Intro to American Politics: For this class I have a second midterm test upcoming for this Friday. 
  • Exploration and Discovery: every freshman has to write a research paper in the second semester of E&D, and the first draft of mt E&D paper is due Friday. 
  • Middle Eastern Politics: For this class I have a second mid term coming up for Wednesday, and this is probably the test I need to do the most studying for. 
  • History (Constructing American Landscapes): As a final for this class we have to write a paper about the history and design of a specific physical space like a building or a park or  neighborhood, and the topic proposal for that is due Wednesday so I have to brainstorm for that. 
Strategies for Being Successful 
  • Stay Organized 
    • I have a running to do list that is always open on my computer and I have due dates and a list of things written out roughly in the order of what I should prioritize. 
    • I also keep a calendar of due dates, and all of the activities that I have going on that way I can keep track of when I have time to work on things 
  • Use Your Weekends 
    • I'm the worst about this but, I think it's important to use your weekends to catch up on homework and get organized for the week ahead. And weekends are a good time to sit down and work on a longer project like an essay. 
    • Weekends are also a good time to hang out with friends and take some time for yourself if you need it, but I'm always working on finding the right about of time to spend on free time for myself and homework 
  • Get some sleep 
    • Some nights you might be up super early doing homework, or up super late. I definitley stay up late getting things done all the time, but some nights I know that it's also really important to get a good nights sleep so that I can function well the next day, and not be a zombie when trying to write an essay 
  • Find somewhere fun to study 
    • Lately it's been super warm ans sunny on campus so I might take advantage of that and find a nice place outside to study, but at night or or rainier days I like to do work in Maggie's because it feels more serious than in my dorm room and it's a nice place to be for a few hours. 
    • It's important to be a in a place that will motivate you to be productive 
  • Talk to Professors 
    • And lastly, if you need help with anything your professors will be amazingly helpful and understanding! 

If you have any question about LC or just want to chat email me at quentingaul@lclark,edu

16 March 2019

Count Down to Spring Break

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that this is the last week of classes before Spring Break. I am definitely ready and in need of a break. My classes have been quite challenging this semester but in a good way. I have three midterms this week: one for econ, middle east politics, and American politics, as well as a full annotated bibliography due for our big E&D research papers. I am definitely a little stressed out because I need to not only study for all these tests but also complete daily readings/assignments as well as pack for the break.

This weekend we had our first official race (Logger Invite) of the spring crew season in Tacoma. We were up bright an early at about 5AM to load up on the bus and head off to race. It was beautiful on the lake; the sun was shining and Mount Rainier could be clearly seen from the middle of the lake. Racing is super fun and it is really fun to hang out with friends and coaches.

The weather this past week has been unreal and this coming week is supposed to be really nice too (high 60s for some days)! My friend and I put up our hammocks one afternoon to do a little studying in the fresh air.  The sun has been out, flowers are blooming, and I can see the buds forming on the trees. Spring is upon us and in a few weeks will be in full bloom! It might be turning to rain again shortly but for now, I am soaking up as much sun as I can. It is also nice because the nice weather has decided to come right when we are all trying to get through midterms so it just make
New desk
s everyone a little happier and the days are “longer” now too.

This week I actually moved out of my room in Copeland and into a new room in Manzanita (one of the four Forest residence halls). I moved out because a spot opened up in a quad with some of my close friends and they are also the people I am going to be rooming with next school year. I really like living in the new dorm because I am surrounded by all of my friends which is pretty neat.

Have a wonderful day,


Hey friends,

I'm writing today from UTAH!!!! We're on the last day of the American Collegiate Dance Association (ACDA). We flew in on Wednesday and got in in the evening - and that night it snowed 3" :D Every single night theres a "concert" aka a 2.5 hour performance of different dances from colleges all over the northwest. Throughout the morning and early afternoon we all take a range of classes that are offered. There are tons of different genres and the professors and teachers are from all over.
Dance X from the fall!

We brought our Dance X piece from the fall semester to this conference and got to perform in the Thursday night adjudication concert. We did really well to be honest, and what's really great about when we go is - LC doesn't really have a strong dance program. We're a student run, student choreographed and student organized program.  Most of the schools that are represented at ACDA are giant state schools that have large dance programs with students who are all dance majors - and truthfully, we hold our own. We got a lot of really good feedback from the other students as well as the adjudicators.


While I was here I took a few classes - capoeira, afro hop, and broadway. 

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arts dance. It was an AMAZING class with a fantastic teacher who was from Brazil and told us all about the history and his family and showed us all these demos and then showed us the traditional musical instruments.  It was full of tons of kicks and cools tricks and a bit of acro. I'm still sore 3 days later! 

Afro hop was not great, and we actually walked out of class because the teacher was quite disrespectful and we felt she was extremely racist and sexist. As much as I do get annoyed with how politic LC can get sometimes, I appreciate how much it's taught me. ACDA is an absolute blast and I am so honored and love coming - but it is a white dominated conference. The teacher was white and just came across very ignorant. Our entire group  had more POCs than any other school and frankly, we probably were 1/2 of the POCs at ACDA. 

Besides that though - the entirety of this has been a blast and exactly the getaway that I needed.

Today I took a broadway class - which was more just jazz, but it was super fun and we learned a combo that the teacher had actually performed at the Kennedy Center years ago!

It's been a really great time, and I've learned some really cool things. We've also just had a blast because we were fun and silly; we may not be pre-professional, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We all hugged each other before going on stage, we aren't competitive, and we don't nit-pick at each others  mistakes, like a lot of the bigger schools did. The classes are intimidating sometimes, but truthfully, we're all there to learn and technique isn't all of it. We all had a blast and I'm so sad to be leaving tomorrow morning.

If you have any questions about dance at LC or ACDA shoot me an email :)



10 March 2019

Snow and Stress

Hey friends,

We got more snow Last week we had delayed starts on Monday and Wednesday - I actually went an entire week between having classes (I had class one Friday, but then was off until the next Friday). As nice as that was, all of my classes are now behind and we're in crunch time with exams. The weather gods didn't care though because we had more snow on this Wednesday and Friday! The snow didn't accumulate until Friday night though, so we didn't miss any more classes.

Like I said, we're also in between having exams and everything. My classes are really spread out and so now I'm just on this weird cycle where I have an exam every week pretty much - and by the time I have the first exam in my last class, I'm about to have the second exam in my first class. So it's been a lot of round the clock studying for me.

I've also been dealing with trying to sort out my future post grad plans. As of today I'm 61 days away from graduation - which, frankly is insane. I've been applying to jobs on LinkedIn, but it's nearly impossible to figure out housing plans while I'm not in the city that I'm looking in...

.... butttt.... I'm also 4 days away from flying to Utah for ACDA (dance conference!!!) So post grad stress can wait - But I'm also on a deadline to get homework and studying done so this will be a short post! Sorry friends.


Is It Spring Yet?

Boathouse Sunset

Hello everyone!

This week we have had ALL the weather: rain, hail, snow, and sunshine. Portland really can’t decide if it wants to be spring or winter. I just looked at the weather and it says it might be up in the 60s in a week! Tuesday night we ended our row on the Willamette with a magnificent sunset (pictured above).

On Tuesday, the Campus Activities Board had the second pop-up in our series. We gave away free Girl Scout cookies to make people’s day a little better. We are going to be having a St. Patrick’s Day pop-up on the 18th and we will be giving away donuts (maybe they’ll be green).
Yesterday we had our first race of the season, we hosted a scrimmage on the Willamette River against University of Oregon, Portland State University, and Oregon State University. It was a beautiful sunny day on the river and some of my friends came out to support us which was really cool since most of our races are farther away so our friends never get to see those. One of the boats I raced in was a women’s 4 and it was fun because during our last race we pulled multiple boat lengths ahead of the U of O women’s 4 we were racing against and their men’s 4.

After the race, the LC crew team and some of our coaches went to Banning’s to eat. I was so hungry because I had to wake up around 6:30 am to get ready for the day and then I had only eaten a bagel and some mango at the boathouse in between races. It was really fun to hang out with the crew team and I am looking forward to our first official race next Saturday in Tacoma.

On Friday night during our practice on the river, we got hit with all kinds of weather. It was cold, raining, then hailing, then raining, and then hailing again. And then towards the end, it started snowing! My hands were soooooo cold. The good things about rowing in terrible weather is that it makes days like yesterday, warmer and sunny, amazing!

ALSO, Spring Break is literally in two weeks!! I am simultaneously so excited because I'll get to see my family but also don't want it to be spring break because I have 3 days of midterms right before it.

Have a wonderful day,

05 March 2019


Hey friends!

This Saturday was INTERNATIONAL FAIR!!

It's a whole day-long celebration of the different cultures and countries represented at LC! The morning brunch in the Bon has a bunch of dishes from each region and then in the afternoon there are performances in the chapel.

The morning is insane. There are over 15 booths set up between the Bon and Stamm (one of the large conference rooms). There are displays showcasing the different regions and then regions serving food.

Food food food food
One of the tables set up

The afternoon is about an hour and half showcase of different dances and songs from each region. This year there was a performance from Japan, the Mediterranean, South Korea, China, South East Asia, Latin America, North America, Taiwan, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

This year I performed in 2 dances, one for North America and one for South East Asia. (I performed for SE Asia and Latin America 2 years ago)
2 years ago!
This year! (Look ma! I made it onto LC's ig!

International Fair is hosted by ISLC - the International Students of LC. ISLC hosts a number of events throughout the year as a way to bring together the international students, third culture kids (TCKS - students who have lived in another country for over a  year) and the American students. I technically qualify as a TCK, as I wasn't born in this country, and I spent the first year of my life in China.

The day is full of fun and festivities, and there is so much work that goes into planning that day. It is entirely student run and coordinated. The dancers have been working every week of the semester for hours, the food is all prepared and cooked starting days before the event, rehearsals and tech are all coordinated by one student - who has an insanely hard job, but everything always goes off so well. If you want to check out the video from a few years back you can see how great the performances are!

If you have any questions about International Fair shoot me an email :)