16 September 2017

Week 2 Done

Hey friends!

Week 2 has come to a close. I'm downtown today on my one free day to crank out a bunch of homework and some time off campus.

Last night I came back to my dorm after getting off work from the bookstore at 5, grabbed a bite to eat in my room and set up to netflix and sleep early. However by the time 6:30 rolled around I was almost asleep (classic me lol). I made myself go for a run and made it about 2.25 miles down to the nature center in Tryon. It was slow and I haven't ran in about 2 weeks, but I got out there :) I went out again this morning on the same route. The smoke is back, we had a few nice days of clear air, but I woke up today and it smelt like a camp fire again.

The rain is supposed to come back tomorrow (and then not leave until May), I normally am not a huge fan on the rain, but I'm hoping it will help with these fires.

My classes are going really well so far, I'm loving what we're learning and my professors this semester :D

My schedule: Fall 2017
In Disease Ecology, we're learning about how pathogens infect hosts and what needs to be happen in the environment for epidemics to occur. We started studying different diseases such as Cholera and Ebola. I'm weird, I really like learning about the freaky weird stuff that can go wrong, it's gross and scary, but it's interesting. I'm hoping maybe in the future I can do something involving infectious diseases in the medical field.

In Molecular Biology, we're doing a bit of review and learning about DNA replication, structure and function.

Higher level courses are so much more interesting and fun, the class material starts to overlap. The viruses we're learning about in D.E - I know how that replication works in detail because of Bio200 and Molec.

Chinese - thats a review for me, and going easily and fine.

Cross Cultural Psych is only once a week, but it's a fun class. My professor YuPing is so funny and makes the class really interesting despite us all being really tired. We've been learning about ethics and how to conduct good cross cultural studies, and tbh most of what I've learned is that it's really freekin' hard.

Anyways, it's been a good week, and I'm really proud of myself for staying on top of my classes, my work and also getting out and running a little bit.

Dance X rehearsals start tomorrow!

I will keep you all updated with life, classes and dance. Feel free to email me whenever you want!



11 September 2017

Kicking Off Jr. Year!

Hi friends!

I'm backkk O.O dang, it feels like the summer just flew by and somehow I'm back and somehow I'm a junior???

For those of you new to Real Life, hi :) my name is Kate, I'm now a junior, majoring in Biology with a potential BCMB (biochem molec bio) major. I was born in China, but grew up in Boston MA/Boulder CO. Around campus I'm heavily involved in the dance program (Dance X and Y), pugilism (boxing club) and work with College Outdoors, the bookstore, I also work on the grad campus in the CPSY (counseling and psychology) office, the admissions office through this blog, and just this semester I got a job with Maggie's, our on campus coffee shop. I'm also taking molecular biology with the molec lab, disease ecology, Chinese, and cross cultural psychology. I'm also going abroad to Australia in January for the spring semester with my adviser and professor Greta Binford for the Biology program.

Hi all :) 

It's day 5, first Monday of the semester and I'm already swamped! I've taken up 15 hours of work, 19 credits, 6 hours of dance and I've also been trying to train for a marathon. So, yeah, yikes. I'll be doing my best to keep you all updated with my life here on Real Life, and at some point in the semester I'll do a few snapchat takeovers @lcpioneers.

Pugilism Club!!!

Dance X 2016

Running with my friend in Tryon National Park

I've been pretty busy getting back into classes and work. This summer I worked in Colorado outside of Boulder at a ranch camp teaching gymnastics and horse back riding :D I had an incredible time and getting back into a routine of sitting in classes and in the library is a bit rough, but it's been great to see friends again.

This past Saturday was Dance X 2017 auditions and I was cast into Kelleen's piece. Dance X is all student choreographed and mostly student produced. It's such a fun and amazing production we put on in December, and the work and talent is truly incredible. 

Anyways, I shall keep you all updated with dance and my life. I had a few perspective students reach out to me in the past, and I really love hearing from you guys! So, if you have any questions about student life, any of the activities I'm involved in or just want to say "hi" you can always reach me at:


I'm sure you're all back to school, so have a wonderful school year! Don't stress too much about college, I promise everything will work it's way out (cheesy I know) but Happy Back To School!


23 April 2017

Kayaking and the LAST WEEK!

Hey friends!

We're winding down (finally) and we just finished our last full week of school!!! (AHHHHHHHHH)

My last day of class is Wednesday and you'll be able to catch me doing the snapchat take over one last time! Wednesday I'll take you to my classes and around campus, Wednesday is my easy day, I have no labs and no work, so I might even show you the pio bus and downtown... catch me on snap @lclarkpioneers 

This week we have class Monday-Thursday, and Friday is a reading day. Reading days are just study days, although pro tip: DO NOT wait until reading days to start studying.

I can't say I've been all that productive though, last weekend I lead a CO Kayaking trip and this weekend I went on a kayak training trip.

For the day trip we went out to Scapoose Bay, and just had a very relaxing day. The training trip was much more action. We stayed close by and went into the Willamette (the rive below campus that runs through Oregon) and learned correct paddle strokes, how to give a paddle talk, how to wet exit if you flip your boat and how to recuse someone else who has flipped their boat - and how to ultimately re-flip it right side up (if you could follow that jumble of words, props to you). It was a really good trip and I learned a lot of useful information.

Kayak day trip 

Yesterday was also the March for Science, Earth Day and the Spring Carnaval. I've never gone to the carnival because I've been on a CO trip both years, but they have all sorts of rides and games, theres a petting zoo, and of course cotton candy. It's just a nice thing the school does for us in the spring before we lock ourselves away for finals.

I hope to catch you on snapchat on Wednesday, and next week will be my last post of the year!
It's been a pleasure writing for the blog and being able to connect with you all. I hope that you kind of have a better idea of what student life can be like at LC if you chose to come here, and ultimately you'll all find a school that works for you.

Kate <3

15 April 2017

Dance Y and Wrapping Up the Semester

Hey friends!

Quick throwback from last weekend, in my last post I talked about Lu'au but it hadn't happened by the time the post went up so heres a little screen shot. It was INCREDIBLE! So many hula dances by tons of people, some fire arts and even a piece by professors! (My chem professor, Casey Jones - who is WONDERFUL performed and it was so great :) ) 
(From last week! This was Lu'au -- it was FABULOUS!)
I hope you caught my snap chat take over on Thursday, I had a blast doing it again! In case you missed it I took you around campus and then to the backstage of Dance Y. We unfortunately just finished last night and now dance is done for the semester :'( But it was so so great! 
BTS of Dance Y from my snap takeover 
Snap take over :) 
Dance Y only gets 2 performances, where Dance X has 4, but there were a great two performances. The show was really short this year, but it was such a blast. This week has been really good, the weather is finally getting a bit nicer and we're so close that the excitement for summer is taking over. 

We're wrapping up all the labs this next week and finals are in 12 days (AHHH SCREAMING INTERNALLY CAUSE I'M NOT READY) lol. I'm really excited though. I have my final schedule all set as well as my class schedule for next semester! I'll be taking a short break from labs before my bio intensive spring study abroad and taking Disease Ecology as my bio class, then aquatic chem, intro to computer science, Chinese 201, and then Cross Cultural Psych - which I'm super super excited for! It'll be a great schedule with really interesting classes. I'll be continuing my work with College Outdoors and up at the grad campus, but since I have no labs I might start working on the Natural History Collection with the bio department.

Yesterday was also Festival of Scholars. People present projects they've been working on all semester/year and seniors present their thesis'. We get the day off classes to support our peers and going to presentations. A lot of my friends who did the Natural History Collection this year presented posters at FOS. 

It's been a busy week, but it was really good, we ended it with another high note and last night my friends and I cooked dinner in the Holmes kitchen after my performance. We made gyoza, edamame, mochi and a prawn and udon dish. We all just hung out and had a good meal together :) 

Dinner with friends! 

It'll just keep getting better, it's a sunny day today and I'm downtown in my home off campus at Starbucks working on hw and writing this blog :) Tomorrow I'm leading a CO trip for Sea Kayaking! It'll all super exciting, and just a good time in the year. 

This is getting long, but I was excited to share everything thats been happening. If you have any questions or want to hear more about my life at LC you can always reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu!\


12 April 2017

Luau and a Busy week

It is crazy that the semester is almost over. We only have about three weeks of school before all of us head home for the summer, and we don’t have to worry about any more finals. This past week has been really hard. I had a p chem better spell it out test and a biochemistry lab paper both due today, and it has been a pretty long week of working late trying to get both done. My lab partner and I have been chipping away at the paper for the past week, and we finally finished it yesterday. It is probably one of the longest papers I have ever written (2500 words), and I am very glad to have it completed . Now that today is over with, I get to relax and take some time off from school.  Fortunately for me, Friday we do not have classes because it is the Festival of Scholars, where seniors present any projects they have been working on over the whole year. So it will be nice to go see those presentations instead of going to class.

This past weekend, the Hawaii Club here on campus had their annual luau. The Bon caters the event and makes Hawaiian food, which was really good this year. We have quite a few people on campus from Hawaii, and this club helps promote their Hawaiian culture. Of course it is for anyone to join, and there are quite a few of my teammates who are in it. It was held in Pamplin Gym so that it could fit everyone from the school and families who came to the luau. At the end of dinner, all the people in the Hawaii Club do traditional dances such as the haka and the hula, as well as several others. Also, there were fire dancers that had batons with fire at the end that got to present their skills as well. My favorite part of the whole night, though, was that they had shaved ice with ice cream at the bottom, which was absolutely delicious!

With school almost over with, things are going to be really hectic before we can move out. With finals only a few weeks away, I will be staying busy studying. Another thing I will be doing is  helping others pack up and move out since I am a resident advisor.l. Right now we are just starting to plan that out.

That's all for this week.


11 April 2017

Ethnobotany and Waterfalls

This weekend I helped with the Ethnobotany and Waterfalls hike with College Outdoors.  We drove out to the Columbia Gorge and spent most of our time on the Washington side (where it gets a bit more sun so the flowers are further along).  This winter has been unusually cold and long so the wildflowers weren’t as exceptional as they have been previously, but it was still beautiful. 

Before the trip a few people had canceled so they decided to fill the rest of the trip with other student coordinators. Basically, they filled the trip with leaders so the leaders could learn valuable skills (plant identification, practice leading, practice organizing a CO trip).  Out of the dozen that went on the trip, seven were in one leadership role or another.  We were all amused by that.

Since I am still learning the local plants, I wasn’t as helpful as I normally am with edible plant hikes. It felt kind of weird, but when we stopped by a rest area (with the usual bunch of weeds/non-natives) I was right at home showing everyone plantain, dandelions, lamb’s ear, clover, and black locust.  Admittedly, the native plants are prettier, but it got me feeling helpful again.  I’m a lot better with the natives now after this trip so that’s always good.  I swear I must have over a hundred pictures of plants from that trip.

Want more information on College Outdoors? Check out their website

Have any questions? Feel free to send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu

08 April 2017

Australia, Dance Y and Snapchat!

Hey friends,

First week back and it seems everyone is sick, including myself... which is no fun, but hopefully it'll pass soon. Even though I've been under the weather this week, exciting news because next year I'll be going DOWN UNDER! I got accepted into the Australia Biology Study Abroad program!!!!! I can't wait and I am so so so excited!!

It is really crazy how little time we have left! Spring break is over and we only have 4 weeks to go - which is now 3. This means all the classes are winding down and performances are coming up!

Dance Y performances are this week on Thursday and Friday! And SURPRISE! I'll be taking over the snapchat @lclarkpioneers on Thursday, I'll be taking you to my chemistry and biology lab as well as some other classes and then a behind the scenes to Dance Y. If any of you caught my BTS of Dance X, this will be a little bit different so be sure to tune in!

Dance Y 2016

Even though it's spring it hasn't been too warm and sunny, yesterday we had a huge wind storm and today is Lu'au. Lu'au is an event put on by the Asia and Pacific Islander's and Hula Club. Its normally outside on the lawn, theres hula dancing, fire spinning, music and a BBQ. (Unfortunately, being in Portland, the last two years I've been here it's been forced inside due to weather.) But it's a really cool and fun event that gets you in the mood for summer and warm weather :)

With the end of term also comes a fair amount of work and crunch time. We're wrapping up our 4 week independent chemistry lab finding the identity of two unknowns: a solid and liquid. We've done a series of tests that we've learned over the year: IR, NMR, CNMR, solubility, steam distillation, and melting point. We're finishing up our bio lab using gel electrophoresis and PCR to analyze DNA. 

Be sure to tune into snapchat on Thursday and I can show you the labs and then Dance Y! 

As always if you have any questions you can reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu 

:) ~Kate