12 May 2019

Goodbye Lewis & Clark (not quite)

Commencement was Saturday.  I can't begin to describe what it feels like to have graduated.  You know the feeling when you expect things to be different after your birthday?  The same thing happens here except this time it is both true and not.  On the one hand, you just finished finals so your house is still a disaster from all the time you spent studying instead of doing the dishes; instead of classes, you went to visit and do things with your family so each day has still been full; and all the usual tasks still have to happen each day.  Life has not changed much yet.  On the other hand, after four years of time here, you’re done.  Unless your new job happens to be on campus, you’re going to move off and dedicate your time to some other task.  After the past few weeks of only focusing on that thesis or those finals or that other presentation, you’re faced with a future ahead of you.

Five-hundred and forty-something of us walked yesterday and now we are all headed in different directions.  For me, I am going home for the summer to run a week-long camp, study for the GRE, and work on finding a job.  I want to take the GRE at the end of the summer so I am prepared when I decide to start applying to graduate schools.  For now though, I plan on taking a year or two to work so I can help sort out exactly what I want to study in the future.

Despite graduating, my time at L&C isn’t over yet though.  I will still be here through May 22nd for a Wilderness First Responder course, so I’m not even done with L&C classes, and I might be in occasionally still to work in the College Outdoors office. As always, if you have questions about L&C life, please email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu!

04 May 2019

One Down, Three to Go

Hello everyone,

I am excited to say that this coming week is the last week of my first year of college! I literally cannot believe that in less than a week I will be back at home in Minnesota. This year has been filled with so many new people and experiences yet has gone by too quickly. I am really looking forward to summer to spend time with family and friends at home, but I will for sure miss my new home in Portland and LC. This summer I will be spending my time working for a youth program at the University of Minnesota. I will also be spending time rock climbing, doing circus again, and trail running.

My friends and I have already started to move some of our things into a storage unit for the summer. Last night, my roommates and I started taking down all our pictures on the walls and slowly putting everything into boxes. We started the packing process a little on the early side but we want to ensure we aren’t stressed about it going into the week of finals. It was a little bittersweet to wake up this morning and see the bare walls and partially empty desks. I was a little sad because it doesn’t look like our room anymore but I am also excited because it means we are moving into a new stage.

This week I only have final exams for my Intro to American Politics and Econ 100 class. Both of my finals are on Wednesday so I have a lot of time to study between now and Wednesday. This past week I took my last E&D test and did my final presentation which was nice to get them out of the way early.

On Thursday night, LC had the annual ELCYS (Excellence in Lewis & Clark Year of Sports) award show. It was fun to get dressed up with the crew team and celebrate the year. Thursday night was also the last trivia night of the semester that CAB put on. It was really fun because the CAB Exec Board (myself, Lolo, Silas, Henry, and Zander) all were a team. I’m looking forward to being a part of CAB again next year and working with the new Exec Board to continue all the fun events and make them even better.

I am really pumped about being a New Student Orientation (NSO) leader next fall! I will be coming back to Portland early, on August 23, to train and then lead a group of incoming students throughout the week of orientation activities. NSO is definitely a lot. I remember moving in in the fall and being pretty overwhelmed by the number of things that were all happening at once. But I also had a really cool NSO group and leader that helped make the transition easier and I met some of my friends through NSO activities.

Looking back at my first year I am amazed at how much growth I have seen in myself. The person that walked into LC for my new student trip is not the same person that is going back to Minnesota. I have been pushed mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. I have been able to become more independent and establish my own sense of self better. I can’t wait to find out what year two will have in store.

I hope to continue blogging for LC next year to share with friends, family, and prospective students. Thanks for reading and following me through my journey of year one.


28 April 2019

Busy FInal Semester Part II

Many things have happened over the last couple of weeks so I wanted to share with you a brief description for each of my favorite spring semester events.

Spring Semester Events:

Job Fair
L&C has an annual job fair.  They have employers for both summer jobs as well as careers for after you graduate.  Every employer there will take any Lewis & Clark major which is useful because it means you can talk with anyone there and possibly get a job, but it also means that if you are looking for a job in a specific field you are unlikely to find it.  Even if you are looking for a specific job though, I would recommend going.  L&C has lots of prep sessions before the job fair and it is a great way to practice before you go to other fairs for the kind of job you want.  I can be a rather nervous person and prep sessions and practice at the L&C job fair helped me a lot.

Every year Hawaii club hosts a luau in the gym.  It’s a really huge event.  It's so big they move dinner down there instead of having it in the dining hall.  The whole gym is filled with tables and activities.  After dinner is over they have a show with lots and lots of dances (fire arts is one of them).

Festival of Scholars and Artists
FOSA is an event where all the students who have done their own research/project can show off what they have been doing.  There are tons of panels where students present research, but if you don't want to do a full presentation you can also be part of one of the poster sessions.  It's on a Friday and all classes are canceled so you can attend.

Spring Carnival
The Spring Carnival happens the weekend before reading days (finals study days).  It is basically a mini fair; there are rides, free food, and a petting zoo.  It is a really nice break for right when studying is picking up in earnest.

Have any questions about life at Lewis & Clark?  Feel free to email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu!

WIRA & LC Crew

Hey everyone!

This week has been crazy busy and this coming week is already our last week of classes. On Thursday afternoon the entire LC crew team got on a bus and headed down to Sacramento, California. We did the trip in two days, stopping in Grants Pass, OR for a night to split up the long bus ride. However, tonight we are doing the entire trip from Sacramento back to Portland in one shot. We are supposed to get back to campus around 1am on Monday which will be fun. This coming week is going to be quite hectic with only 4 days of classes and then reading days. I have my last econ midterm on Tuesday and my final E&D presentation this week as well.

WIRA (the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships) has been really great. It has been really special to get to row at a high level in my first year ever of crew. I have loved spending time with my team and watching all the other races. At WIRA I raced in the women's varsity 8 and we moved onto the petite finals. The weather has also been amazing. It was a bit of a shock getting off the bus on Friday and stepping out into 80ยบ+ weather and full sun. I am really looking forward to three more years of WIRA but I am also sad to say goodbye to all the amazing seniors on the team this year.

I cannot believe my first year of rowing is already over and my first year of college is less than 2 weeks from being over. So much has changed since coming to college. There are always harder times but I think they really do push me to grow and become a better and stronger person. I have had so many opportunities in just one year and I have worked to take advantage of every single one. Joining the crew team especially has taught me so many things. Crew gave me a lot of new friends from different areas, it gave me a great daily workout, and the chance to travel around and be a part of a close-knit team.

Have a wonderful day,

22 April 2019

Busy Final Semester Part I

So I haven’t written in a while, I apologize, but I have been caught up in a very busy last semester.  Here are some highlights that have happened since my last post.

Our data science mascot inspecting my project

Graduation is coming up quickly (less than 3 weeks away!) and my academic life has been really busy.  I am working on an independent study project in computer science.  Basically, I have been writing a program which uses genetic algorithms to find areas in a gene sequence which are experiencing selection.  In addition to that, my team in Software Development has been writing software for use in one of the school’s biology labs.  We are writing a program to analyze the amount of sunlight that comes through the forest canopy.  On top of that, I am in Networks & Web Development so I’ve been making a lot of websites for homework.  (It has been a busy computer science year).

Ivanova is learning to help around the house

Just before spring break was our spring fire show.  It went really well!  This year’s theme was “Murder Hotel.”  We had a couple members who performed in front of an audience for the first time.  Everyone put a lot of work into their numbers and it showed.  Over the two nights we had over a hundred people come and see the show.  If you are interested in an active art form, or you just like the idea of taming fire, I highly recommend you look into joining Fire Arts.  I’ve been a member or a leader for my entire four years here and I have loved it.

Cotton-tail, one of our orphan bunnies,
wishes you a happy Easter!

Have any questions?  Contact me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu