08 December 2019

Fall 2019 Reflection

Hello everyone!

What a whirlwind of a week this was. The whole week I’ve been so disoriented and I was never quite sure which day we were on. I think it was because just last weekend I was at home and that’s thrown off my schedule and sense of place a bit. 

Monday was back to business as usual. I had a meeting with the director of the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME), Angela, on Monday that was really awesome. IME is a really great resource for students at Lewis & Clark to feel supported and represented. I have never really been involved with IME before and it is something I want to become more involved within the coming semesters. I think it’s really important to engage with others and support my fellow students of color at this predominantly white institution. We had our last Community Service and Relations Committee meeting on Monday and celebrated with Thai food.

This week I came down with the cold that has been going around. The mixture of end-of-semester stress and the colder weather has brought the sickness to campus. Luckily I only felt very sick for about a day and then it got better. 

My weekend was filled with the performing arts. On Friday I went to see my roommate in her choir concert and then my friends and I also went to see Dance X. Both the choir and dance performances were amazing. I loved seeing my friends dancing and showing off their months of hard work. I am excited to audition next semester for Dance Y, the spring dance show. Then on Saturday night, my friends and I went to see our friend Paige perform with the Oregon Ballet Theater in The Nutcracker. It was so incredibly beautiful to watch all the amazing dancers and have a live orchestra there too. The dancing, music, and beautiful set combined to create the most wonderful show. 

This coming week is the last week of the semester which is totally insane. I feel like this entire semester didn’t even happen. NSO feels like it was just the other week. We only have three days of classes this week and then reading days. Finals start on Saturday (off Sunday) and go through Wednesday. I only have two tests and one of them is open-notes so I am not too worried. I plan on putting a lot of time and effort into studying for them so I can do well. In my International Political Economy class, we have the Economist essay that we have been working on for the past few weeks due next Sunday. After we turn them in, we get to have a gathering where we read each other's work and celebrate our hard work so I am really looking forward to that. 

I fly back home late on December 18th because I have my last final that afternoon. I am looking forward to this month-long break. I am planning on spending time with family and friends and probably working a little bit too. 

As I reflect on this semester I have had a great semester overall. It has felt both so short and so so long. In some ways, I think that this semester has felt sedentary because there aren’t as many new things (now that I am not a first-year) to experience and I am much more at ease socially. My highlight of the semester was probably going on the College Outdoors climbing trip to Smith Rock because I got to try something new, meet new friends, and have a rockin’ weekend. My low for the semester was having the Tanzania study abroad program that I had been looking forward to for a long time be cancelled due to low numbers. I felt like my whole plan for the rest of my college career had been derailed. However, something good still came from the sadness because I moved to the SE Asia (Thailand) program and it will be amazing too, just different. Next semester I am really looking forward to many things: I am taking the bouldering class so I am excited to get better at climbing; I just became the new acting Community Service and Relations Coordinator for ASLC (our student government) so I have taken on a lot of new tasks and responsibilities and I am excited and nervous for the work ahead; I am on a new committee to create a new first-year experience at LC so I am excited to see how that evolves next semester; I am really excited for the weather to be warm and beautiful again (even if I have to wait until April) - I know that once the sun comes out in the spring everything will be alright; and I am just super excited for another new start, new classes, and the new people I’ll meet along the way. 

There have been so many wonderful people I've met and things that have happened this semester. I could not be more grateful. 

Have a wonderful day and end of 2019. 


07 December 2019

A Tribute to Maggie's

If you're not familiar with Lewis & Clark's campus, Maggie's Cafe is one of the three main places to get food on campus. It's located on the lower floor of the Roberts apartment building, and it's nestled up close to almost all of our residence halls. I enjoy Maggies a lot and think it's a cozy little place to get work done, have meetings, or grab a  hot drink.

For those of you who haven't been here before, Maggie is a smallish cafe/convenience store. They serve your typical hot drinks and teas, and they have pastries and sandwiches to order. They also sell salads and small meals to go. Then there's a section with all kinds of snack foods and microwavable or oven reheatable meal, as well as some basics like cheese and eggs and cereal and lots of soft drink and juice options. It's nice and convenient to have so many different food options so that you don't have to go off campus to get something, and it's nice that Maggies is so close to most res halls.  There's also a full case of ben and jerries ice cream and talenti sorbet if you want to get a fix for your sweet tooth.

I think Maggies a great place to study when I want to be around other people but still focused on work. It's nice that it's closer to my dorm than the library so when I want to get out of my room but not walk too far it's a nice option. There's a nice bar with barstools that lines the windows, and I like to sit there to get work done and look out the windows. There are also a few tables for hanging out in groups, and most of the Cafe is full of couches and chairs with coffee tables.  t's also a nice place to meet people for a casual meeting, and I've definitely met people there before for different school things or on-campus job stuff. It's a really go relaxing environment for meetings.

Typically whoever is working is in charge of the music so there is always an interesting mix of things to listen to and it's usually pretty good. Usually, there are at least a few people hanging out studying individually or in groups, and on weeknights, there are even more people around. It's usually quietest in the mornings if you stop by to get a drink before class. It's open until midnight every day and if you stay until after 11 or 11:30 the pastries go on sale and sometimes at the very end of the night they'll even give them away for free so they don't go to waste.

10/10 would recommend a study sesh in maggies

If you have any questions or want to more about life as a student as LC, please email me at quentingaul@lclark.edu

01 December 2019

Thanksgiving Break

Hello everyone!

Going home for Thanksgiving break this year was really great. On Tuesday I was nervous that I wouldn’t make it home for the break. A snowstorm rolled into the Twin Cities and the MSP airport delayed the late-night flight I was on. Luckily by 1:30 in the morning, I was on my way back home. I landed home and was greeted by the cold and snow. 

It has been a very relaxing break. I got to hang out with both my family and friends. A lot of my break was also spent watching TV and doing nothing in particular. The show I’m into at the moment is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I am always so busy at school so it’s been nice to just chill. I loved getting to see my dog and play with her too. Since my family isn’t really big on eating turkey, we had Chinese food instead and it was delicious. My family and I went to see Frozen 2 which was quite good. Last night, my parents and I had Indian food from our favorite Indian restaurant in Minneapolis. 

Now there is only a week and a half of classes left! I am looking forward to a busy last full week of classes. We have our last CSRC meeting tomorrow night and I’ll be going to see Dance X and a choir concert later in the week. 

Have a wonderful day,


28 November 2019

On Campus Jobs

I work as a tour guide on campus and people (especially parents) are always asking me what opportunities there are for on campus. I always say that most jobs are work-study, but there really are a lot of opportunities out there, especially for people who seek them out. Since I know this is a topic of interest for people I thought it would be good to talk about my experiences with working on campus, and what opportunities are out there.

Working With Different Departments
Most on-campus jobs are part-time things that are flexible or you work just a few hours per week, and you're employed through one of the many departments on campus. I'll list a few of the different departments that offer student employment opportunities:

  • Admissions 
  • The mailroom 
  • Campus transportation 
  • The library 
  • Campus living 
  • Different academic departments 
  • IT 
  • The writing center 
  • SAAB tutors 
  • Science and Quantitative Resource center tutors 
  • The book store 
  • Lab assistants for science classes 
  • Student Leadership and Service
  • College Outdoors 
These are just some examples of the departments that employ students on campus. My experience with this is working with admissions as a tour guide and with Campus living as an LLC coordinator. Both jobs are pretty flexible and allow me to make some money but still prioritize school.

Fellowships and Jobs That Pay for Housing 
A couple different departments on campus offer internships that pay for housing instead of an hourly wage. This can be really nice to help cut down on the cost of attendance but it doesn't give you spending money. Some examples of these jobs include internships with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, the Office of Sustainability.

Volunteer Opportunities with Stipends   
Sometimes there are also volunteer positions that have stipends as an incentive for being involved. The examples of these positions with stipends or other compensation that isn't an hourly wage, that I know are:

  • ASLC representative
  • SAAB representative 
  • Overnight host or lunch host with admission (or blogging!)
  •  College outdoors trip leaders (free trips!)
  • And more!

Working in Food Service 
I personally don't have much experience working in food service, but I know a lot of people who do. The Bon (our dining hall) is always looking for student workers, so it's a pretty reliable source of work. It's also not work-study, so it's a nice source of work if you don't get work-study as part of your financial aid. You can also get a job at Maggies or the Dove Cote, our two cafes on campus. For these, it helps if you have a little previous experience but it's a great option that's out there. And hours for these jobs are super flexible.

For more info check this out

If you have questions or want to chat about student life, please email me! quentingaul@lclark.edu

24 November 2019

A Week on the Hill

Hello everyone!

This has been a pretty good week overall. The international affairs department is hiring a new professor soon so there have been various potential candidates on campus and they’ve been giving lectures so that current students can observe and give feedback about them to the board that’s deciding who will get hired. I went to one of the lectures by a professor who studies international law and it was really interesting. 

In my international political economy class we are beginning to work on our final project which are essays that are structured and written like Economist articles. My group is writing about the impact that artificial intelligence will have on international political economy and we are arguing that it will have a negative impact. It has been interesting to start researching the topic since I have never really learned about AI before. I will only have two actual final exams (one in US foreign policy and one in humanitarian intervention) whic is nice.

This Friday, the Campus Activities Board put on an event called “Dog Daze”. We invited faculty and staff to bring their dogs for students to pet and play with. We also got coffee and hot chocolate to give out to people that came to the event. It was super successful and there were so many cute dogs! My favorite was this beautiful golden retriever that came. 

On Saturday, my roommates and I went downtown to the Saturday Market to look around and did some homework at 40lbs, a fun coffee shop near the river. The weather has been so nice lately. There has been a lot of sun - but it still feels cold. There were so many dogs out and about so we also got to see lots of cute dogs. We also started decorating our room for the holidays. 

I am so excited to be going home this coming week for Thanksgiving break! I just have two days of classes to get through and then I’ll be home with my family! It’s also an exciting time because when I get back to school there’s just a week and a half of classes left before finals begin. It is so crazy that the semester is already winding down. I counted and I only have 9 days of classes left (spread over the next 3 weeks)!

Have a wonderful day,


23 November 2019

Registering for Spring Semester 2020

At the beginning of November, we registered for spring semester classes. I really enjoy registering for classes, I enjoy planning out my schedule for the semester, and getting excited about the classes I'll be taking and the professors I'll have. I know it's exciting for me to see what classes are offered so I thought I would give everyone a glimpse into what classes LC offers and what a typical sophomore might be taking. 

Before I talk about my classes, any prospective students can check out all the classes offered this semester and next through Webadvisor, and the whole course catalog is here.

My classes for next semester: 
  • ENVS 220 Environmental Analysis (Lab)
    • I took the intro to environmental studies class last year and it was really interesting to me. I decided not to major in it, but I still enjoyed the subject so I decided to take the ENVS lab as my lab science general education requirement. I've met the professor and I've really enjoyed the conversations I've had with her so I'm excited for the class. Science isn't my strong suit but I think the class will be good
  • POLS 305 American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberty 
    • I want to go to law school after undergrad so I'm looking forward to this class so that I can get a taste of that. The professor, Todd Lochner, is a lawyer and is supposed to be a very tough but good teacher. It'll be a strange class because it's from 6-7:30 at night but I think it will be a class that brings all the students together. 
  • POLS 346 State and Local Politics 
    • I think this is the class I'm most looking forward to, it's going to be less than 10 people and I think it will be a great discussion class. I know the professor, I have her right now for my research methods class and I really like her. I also know a lot of people that will be in the class and I think it will be a fun time, and the subject matter really interests me 
  • SPAN 370 Latin America and Spain: Enlightenment to the Present 
    • I've really enjoyed my previous Spanish classes, they're usually small and it's all discussion-based, and the material is really interesting. Right now in my 321 Spanish class, we're reading poetry from the Spanish revolution. It's also been a great way to learn about history and the intersection of history and art. 
  • WLL 240 Intro to Linguistics 
    • I'm overloading with this class, and I'm not fully sure if I'll be able to take it, but I've always thought linguistics was a fascinating subject and I know I would enjoy learning more about it. I've heard good things about this class so I'm hoping I can take it.
  • Ballroom Dancing (PE)
    • I'm in ballroom dancing this semester and I've really enjoyed it. I won't say I'm great at it, but it's a great way to meet people and it's very fun. I've learned the basics of tango, foxtrot, waltz, and rumba. I think it'll be great to take the class again and get better at all the dances. 

If you have any questions, please email me at quentingaul@lclark.edu. I would love to answer any questions!


17 November 2019

The Beginning of the End

Where do I even begin? The past couple of weeks have been absolutely insane here at LC. Midterms are finishing up as well as the end of all fall season athletics. There is such a shift of culture on the hill, it is incredible. Women's soccer tied with Whitworth - an incredible soccer team. Football won against University of Puget Sound for the first time in six years. Cross Country went from last to third for both the women's and men's teams. And for volleyball, we swept Whitman and beat second-ranked Whitworth in five sets on senior night.

All of our athletic programs are really switching gears and this is definitely the place to be in the upcoming years for conference championship contenders.

I found this year that the end of the volleyball season was bittersweet for several reasons. The first being that this means that I am officially halfway through my collegiate volleyball career which is crazy. This has been a dream of mine since I was ten, and now I have two years left playing the sport that I love.

During our off season, we will be missing several of our players because they will be studying abroad in Australia and New Zealand. I feel like there is a common misconception that student-athletes cannot study abroad but it is definitely possible. Fall sport athletes study abroad in the spring and spring sport athletes study abroad in the fall. Winter sport athletes have the option of studying abroad in one of the summer programs. I am planning on studying abroad in the spring of my junior year in Ireland - fingers crossed that I get accepted.

As usual, if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me at iartiaga@lclark.edu

Have a great week!
~ Isabel Artiaga