23 October 2012


This weekend was packed full of L&C athletics.  There was a volleyball game, a football game, and a soccer game all in just 3 days, as well as an unofficial practice swim meet.  Also, SAAC (the Student Athletic Advisory Committee) that I joined this fall hosted 3 BBQs (one at each official event), which help raise funds or the Oregon Special Olympics. One of the best things about these BBQs, and what made this weekend so special, is that actual Special Olympians come and join L&C varsity athletes to hang out and watch the events. They cheered hard for our athletes, always staying positive (even when we weren’t doing too well). We grilled through 400+ hot dogs and a couple packs of veggie dogs, too! There were also chips, apples, and carrots and cases upon cases of drinks. A highlight was watching the Special Olympics soccer team play during the soccer halftime on Sunday.  They shot goals and passed the ball and had an all around good time.
After the volleyball game, the team took a picture with all of their Special Olympic fans! (Photo Credit: SAAC)
Here are just a few of the hot dogs we cooked up for the football game! (Photo Credit: SAAC)

During halftime, everyone queued up for hot dogs fresh off the grill (Photo Credit: SAAC)

In terms of swimming, this marked the first of many swim meets for the season. We have 4 official meets in our conference as well as 2 “fun” meets coming up before Thanksgiving (2 meets/weekend). But this meet was intra-squad, meaning that we were racing each other not other teams. We split into two teams, black and orange, and swam fun (non-traditional) events just to get the feel of the water.  I was in the orange team, and we won by 30 points. It may have been against ourselves, but it was still exciting. I’m sorry to you non-swimmers, but for swim nerds (like myself/my team) it was super fun!

Diving into a new season! (Photo Credit: Heather Markham)
In other athletic news, Homecoming/Parents Weekend will be next weekend. Complete with the Conference Championships for Cross Country (our women are seeded to win!)

If you have any questions about swimming or SAAC or anything at all, please feel free to ask me at katyyeh@lclark.edu!