03 November 2012

Parents Weekend Done Right

Last weekend was Homecoming and Parents weekend here at L&C and it was a blast! My mom came up to visit me and, for you parents out there, taking your college students shopping and out to dinner is the only way to visit.  Living in the on campus apartments, I mostly make my own food, so, while I can cook, oftentimes my dinner consists of pasta or scrambled eggs.  But not last weekend! Last weekend was an amazing food tour of some of he best that Portland has to offer.  We went to Le Happy (a crepe restaurant in NW), The Little Bird (a bistro in SW), The Tin Shed (a restaurant in NE), and Zeppos (a restaurant in Lake Oswego). Keep in mind that all this happened between Friday night and Sunday afternoon, that’s A LOT of good food!  In terms of shopping, there is no sales tax, which means that if you come from California like me everything is essentially on sale, making really great deals!  We bought pants and boots and sweaters, all staples for the upcoming Portland winter!
This is the sign for The Little Bird Bistro on SW 6th avenue.
This is the outside of Le Happy, I have come every time my patents have visited we have gone to this restaurant and it is always amazing! It has crepes and a great atmosphere!

This weekend also had the start of the real competition season for Lewis and Clark Swimming with the NWC Relay Meet, our first all-Conference swim meet. At the meet, L&C competed well getting 6th overall. This meet was super exciting because it was the first intercollegiate competition for our 10 new freshmen.  All of them (as well as our returners) were great teammates and competitors; our team is shaping up pretty well this year.
Our pool filled to the brim with the whole Conference, it was PACKED! (Photo Credit: L&C Swimming)
Some of my teammates stretching it out after warm up to stay loose before the meet. (Photo Credit: L&C Swimming)

In other athletics news, women’s cross-country team won their conference with Emily Thomas, a senior, getting first place overall!  And the men’s team came in an unexpected second place despite injuries early in the season.
Here are our Women's Cross Country Champions! (Photo Credit: LC Athletics)
As always, if you have any questions about athletics, academics, or anything LC, feel free to ask me at katyyeh@lclark.edu