12 November 2012

Some Academics, Athletics and a Birthday!

So, in light of my recently swim-heavy posts, I though that I would share a bit of the academic side of my life. Every Monday afternoon, the Biology Department puts on a seminar with interesting research by presenters from near (Oregon Health and Science University, or OHSU) and far (Columbia).  This year I have gotten to go to three of them.  The most recent one was about using prairie voles to model alcoholism and the effects of alcohol in humans.  It sounds a little out there, using a rodent to mimic human actions, but it was actually super interesting and her research has loads of potential. Who knew?!? The presenter, Dr. Allison Anacker did her PhD research at OHSU where she found evidence of social binge drinking, peer-pressure, the sponsor effect (reducing alcohol consumption when a high drinker spends time with a low drinker), and (my personal favorite) social relationship differences between males and females when under the influence of alcohol. In this last one, she found that male prairie were less monogamous after consuming alcohol than their female counterparts (who become more monogamous) in the same condition. Which I found to be highly amusing!
A prairie vole family, they are like humans because males and females create monogamous bonds and raise their young together! Also, the way they show affection is "huddling" when males and females sit next to each other, ADORABLE!
(Photo Credit: Allison Anacker)
In SAAC last week we reviewed and voted on NCAA legislation for up coming seasons.  It was interesting to hear about some of the controversies related to networking and recruiting in DIII athletics.  It was also nice to know that our L&C representatives would advocate for our collective L&C SAAC perspective at the regional then national level. 

In terms of competition, L&C swimming raced Whitman and Whitworth this weekend.  We raced really well, especially on Friday night, and were 5 points ahead of Whitman until the final two events. One highlight of the evening was one of the Freshmen boys breaking a school record in the 100 breaststroke!
Freshman, Tyler Moody, and our coach Chris Fantz celebrating the new record!

And, finally, my roommate, Emily, turned 21 on Saturday! Yay! She and her over 21 year old friends went out to celebrate while I stayed in with some of my under 21 compatriots and watched Mulan.  All in all, I think it was a good week. 
Also pictured is Pippin the puppy who visited from off-campus to say Happy Birthday to Emily too!
Note the difference in apparel between Emily (left) and myself  (right).
(Photo Credit: Kate Garvey)