10 December 2012

Last Stretch

We are almost there!

I have one more of each of my classes on Wednesday, then finals start on Saturday. My bio lab finished last week, and we turned in our final ivy investigation paper today. Because there's no need to meet now, I have tomorrow off- I have yet to decide if I'm going to use the majority of it to sleep, or to study-  it seems like both are in about equal need right now!

Last Friday, some friends and I decided to get off of campus and go downtown. We wandered around for a while, ate some ice cream, went in some stores (including a record store where I met a fellow Minnesotan!), and ended up seeing the new Twilight movie. It was definitely a... distraction from finals stress.
There's currently a giant Christmas tree downtown 
So, that happened.
Then, on Saturday, I went over to celebrate Hanukkah at my brother's apartment. The only bad part was shredding onions for the latkes (tears were literally running down my face), but I think it was worth it.
My roommate and I weren't sure if candles were allowed, so we drew a menorah on our board
The rest of my life, other than those adventures, has been studying for finals and finishing up some last projects. I recently found a new study spot, in the bottom of Templeton (the student center). It has a lot of couches, and is quiet, but not in the feel-guilty-if-you-zip-your-backpack way. I have a rough draft of my final E&D paper due Wednesday, various daily homework assignments left to do for a few classes, and reviewing all of everything I've learned. I'm stressed, but there are enough distractions that I'm doing okay. It snowed about a foot at my home a couple of nights ago, so I'm anxious to get to see it.

Well, that's it for this semester! I will try to post during break, to keep you lovely people updated on what is going on. As always, feel free to email me at rekidder@lclark.edu with any questions or comments about anything, be it the application process to just life happenings!

Until later,


P.S. I recently got a care package from my wonderful cousin, which included a ton of random things, among which was a CD of the 2003 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. I've been jamming out pretty hard to the music, especially this song. Enjoy!