30 January 2013


One of the most shocking things about winter break is it makes you realize how close you are to all the friends you have made in college.  Every year, I leave home in early January to participate in winter training with the swim team.  And this year, when I got off the plane and my teammates started trickling in from afar, I started to appreciate how much of a family we truly were and how happy I was to see them all again. These are the people that I spend a majority of my time with, and to paraphrase one of our captains, Hannah Frank, there isn’t a group of people that I would rather spend it with.

This is a picture of the family, we each have our own personalities and bring something different to the table, and it is awesome! (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)
When you leave home for the first time, there is a level of excitement and apprehension about what will happen to you in this new life.  Now, when I leave home to come back to school there is a level of anticipation of seeing my second family and being able to catch up with them again.  Maybe I am getting a little sentimental because our season is going to close in less than 2 weeks, but this has truly been an amazing season so far and I can’t wait to see how it ends and experience it again next year!

In other (related) news, since the official end of winter break, school has started up again and we have celebrated the Senior Swim Meet, or the last dual meet that our seniors will compete in at our home pool.  This meet came towards the end of an awesome season and I think that this team is the best one I have participated on at L&C so far.  Here are some pictures from the meet:
As a team we make posters for our graduating seniors for our final home meet of the season. (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)
Our lovely seniors of the class of 2013! Left to Right: Josh, Evan, Caz, Gail, Rachel, and Hannah (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)