29 January 2013

Start of Classes 2.0

The first week of second semester is done, and I can definitely say that we aren't wasting any time getting into this semester. I already have more work to do than I did last semester. I'm taking French 102 (just a continuation of the beginning French I took last semester), an intro to Spanish literature class, Into to Environmental Studies, and E&D (this semester my class is called "Family Matters," it's about how families have changed and how we define them). The last three all have a lot of reading, something that most of my friends experienced last semester but that somehow I managed to escape for the most part. On top of the bigger work load, I'm also volunteering to tutor once a week at an elementary school in Northeast Portland. It hasn't started yet, but the idea is that we will sit with second graders and read with them for about an hour every Wednesday. I also got a radio show.
I made a mildly creepy poster to advertise the show.
You can listen here. KLC is pretty booked this semester, so there should be a show airing most of the time. My show is called "Free Stuff!" and airs 10 AM (PST) on Sundays. I'm also thinking about joining the Ukelele Orchestra, but I need to see if I have enough time.

I went into town twice this weekend. Saturday, we found a coffee shop and did homework there until they kicked us out (at 2 PM!) then moved to another one. Sunday, after I did the rest of my homework, my friend Annabel and I went downtown again to try to find a trucker hat to buy.
We were unsuccessful, but we did find an orange and pink YOLO hat at Claire's
I'm looking forward to the rest of this semester. I'm surprised how quickly it felt like I had never left campus.

As always, email me with any questions at rekidder@lclark.edu. I know you have them! Even if you don't, I'm happy just to talk to you.