18 January 2013

Winter Break - Back on the East Coast!

Hello everyone!

So I have been home on vacation for the past four and a half weeks and I am going to be heading back to school on Sunday. I can't believe that the time has passed by so quickly. I have had a wonderful time at home seeing all my family and my friends both from high school and from the camp that I worked at this summer.

My first two weeks back at home were mostly spent with my family, celebrating Christmas and New Years. I also was able to meet the new addition to our family, Zoots! Zoots is our new dog that my parents decided to get around October 2012. He is so adorable and energetic. I'm not normally a dog person but something about Zoots made me give him a second chance, even though he is a dog. Here's a cute picture of him in an outfit my dad decided to put him in.

Anyways, the Holidays were great. I always love getting to see my family around this time of year and spend time with them. On New Years, I went up to the "big city" in Vermont, Burlington with some friends of mine from high school. We went out to Olive Garden for dinner and then went over to a friends house from High School to celebrate New Years all together. It was a ton of fun and I was able to bring in the New Year with some really good people. It was a great time. 

My friends and I at Olive Garden 
A few days into the New Year I went up to Burlington again to meet up with my friend from camp this summer and then we drove down to Boston together to meet up with some other friends from our camp. We stayed with our friend who has an apartment right outside of Boston in Somerville. All weekend we spent hanging out, seeing movies, walking around Boston and Quincy Market area etc.

My Friends and I in Quincy Market

Now I am back in Montpelier, Vermont and I am getting ready to head back for Spring Semester at Lewis and Clark. I am very excited for all of my classes and to see my friends again and to be busy again. This semester I am signed up for Linguistics, German 202, Great Ideas in Physics and Psych Stats. I am also signed up to do Step Aerobics, which I am very excited to get into and learn how to do. These last few days at home I am going to spend packing, applying to study abroad in Germany next year and saying good bye to my family. 

See you in a few days Lewis and Clark!!