05 February 2013

Another Week

This semester is already going at its own pace! Winter break seems like a distant memory, and my classes are in full swing. I've somehow gotten in the habit of doing my homework really early, so I have evenings free to chill- I'm surprised at my productivity. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm also more involved in extracurriculars this semester than last, so I feel busier, but it's a good feeling. I decided to join the ukelele orchestra, which is super fun. I'm a newbie at the ukelele, but I'm learning a lot from the group. I can now sing and play "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz AT THE SAME TIME, which is a big feat, for me at least. Baby steps! Here's a video of the orchestra playing last semester:

I also am tutoring once a week in Northeast Portland at an elementary school. I haven't started yet, but my first time is tomorrow! I'm excited to meet the kids I'll be working with. I had to take an online course on how to drive a van in order to get there, which was a little nerve-wracking, but it's all good. Finally, I have a radio show (y'all should listen! 10 AM PST on Sundays!) that I do with two of my friends. We play danceable music and read bad lyrics aloud and talk about art. It's wonderful.

This weekend was really nice. On Friday, I went downtown with some friends and we went to Tartberry (the best frozen yogurt ever). I don't know when the last time I went downtown and didn't go to Tartberry was. Then we walked around and ended up at the river. We decided to cross the Hawthorn Bridge because it was right there, and it turned out to be a good decision.
We walked all the way to Southeast!
 It was sunny on Saturday, so I got to do my homework in one of the gazebos by the reflecting pool. The pool isn't filled yet, but it was still gorgeous. I was reminded of how lucky I am to go here. It's amazing how secluded campus feels, yet you can get to the middle of downtown in 25 minutes.
You could see the mountain!
That night we went downtown again, and ate out at a vegetarian restaurant. Then, of course, we went to Tartberry again. Sunday was mostly devoted to homework. The highlight of the day was when we went to dinner at the Trail Room (the food area below the main dining hall), then went and got dessert in the bon because we had an extra meal. Somehow, we felt like rebels.

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