27 February 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

So lately I have been so incredibly busy, with classes, Spanish Club, work etc. These past couple of weeks I have had multiple midterms, and studying for them has taken up a lot of my time. This past weekend though, was really great. It gave me some time to do other things beside study which was nice.

On Saturday Spanish Club had the festival for Carnaval, like they celebrate in Brazil and in some Latin American Countries such as Peru. We couldn't celebrate it just like they do in those countries obviously, however we did have a lot of fun. We made lots of hispanic food and played music, danced, and put on masks, beads etc. It was lots of fun!

Then on Saturday night the Women's basketball team had their final game in the Northwestern conference so I went to cheer them on. It was a lot of fun, although we did end up losing. There were so many students and people from the community who came to cheer on the team. It was really wonderful. Although they didn't win the conference, the team is still going to the NCAA championship and is hosting the first game this friday in Pamplin. I plan to be there too! Hopefully they will win!

On Sunday I went downtown with some friends and ventured into SE Portland to a restaurant called Slappy Cakes. When we got there we were told that there would be around an hour wait so we went and found a coffee shop where we could study at for that time. When we got back we were all so incredibly hungry and so the food was extra delicious. Slappy Cakes is a wonderful restaurant that serves pancakes as well as other breakfast food. What's different about this place though is that you order the ingredients and then you get to cook your own pancakes on a griddle that is in the middle of your table. It was fun as well as delicious and I think that's why I liked it. Definitely recommend going here! But maybe make a reservation ahead of time...

At Lewis & Clark there are definitely times where you are going to feel overwhelmed by homework and work. It's great because students are really engaged in their school work and invested in learning, but some times it's really important to go out and explore the Portland area and relax a bit as well. So that is what I did last weekend and it was great.

This weekend Lewis & Clark has the annual International Fair, in which I will be walking in the Fashion Show for. I will post more on that in my next post!

Hope you are all well.

If you have any questions about Spanish Club, German, Foreign Languages etc. let me know! My email is drussosavage@lclark.edu