26 February 2013

Just taking a moment...

Hey from Watzek Library!

It is midterms. I have a paper due Thursday that I am slogging slowly but surely through and it looks like it'll be another late night. I got pretty stumped on this paper earlier but luckily the writing help center is open until 10pm. It is invaluable to have that kind of resource as it gets late at night and the frustration rises.

Anyways...to briefly give my mind a break from the paper and remind myself that this is an awesome place (midterm stress is just part of the package) I wanted to share one of my favorite things about this school. In the last 20 minutes just sitting here at a computer I have heard conversations in Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, Spanish, French and Russian. The conversations have been between people studying a foreign language and also native speakers. It's pretty fun to be around all of it.

Speaking of other languages....this weekend is the international fair! I'm going to be a volunteer and help do set up etc. It is a great event with lots of AMAZING food. If you're visiting campus this Saturday make sure to go to brunch. You're in for a treat. What other place can you find food from all over the world in one place?? I'm looking forwards to it.

Ok, short post but it's back to work now. I have a little more to finish tonight and then I can go home.

As always please send me your life philosophies and questions to smiller@lclark.edu