19 February 2013

Tis the Season

Hello everyone! We have reentered into the season of college visits! I've seen a lot of tours and prospective students these last few days. I really enjoy hearing the tours as they walk by me, because I swear I learn something new every time. Example: a few days ago I was sitting in the chaired area in lower Templeton, next to the KLC (our school's radio show) office, when a tour guide (illustrating the variety of shows KLC has) said that last year a student got a show the same time as her little sibling's bed time and read them stories (you can access the radio from anywhere at klcradio.com). I encourage you all to visit- you can eat lunch, sit in on a class, stay overnight, have a tour, go to an information session... I know that schools send you a lot of information, but I think visiting is the best way to really get a feel for a school, its campus, and the types of people who thrive there.

The highlight of the weekend was that my friend's friend from home came up to surprise her. We managed to keep it a secret, and Saturday morning I went downtown to pick her up from where the MAX (the light rail running from the airport) dropped her off. My friend happened to be on the shuttle coming back from downtown, so they had a little reunion right on the bus. Her being here really gave me an insight to what makes LC different from other schools, because she goes to a larger state school. Each type of school is right for different types of people, but there really are a lot of differences between schools. Our classes here are way smaller than at her school- my largest class I've had (Bio 141, which is an intro class and one of the biggest on campus) had about 120 people in it. That was the size of her smallest class. Also, her school is in the middle of downtown, so her dorm is just like another large building. LC's campus feels really secluded, which I personally like because it gives it a nice sense of community. Plus, there's a free shuttle to go downtown, so it's easy to get away.

Other than that, it's been pretty normal around here. It's somehow been really sunny a lot recently, so I've been spending a lot of time outside. Today, after my class ended at 1, I sat under a tree and finished almost all of my homework. I'd like to say I got a tan, but that may be stretching it a little bit.
Flowers! I'm from Minnesota, so flowers in February is really exciting
My classes are going well, though it's around midterm time, so I've had lots of work to do. Extracurriculars are going well too. My favorite activity is probably ukelele orchestra. We meet in the basement of one of the dorms, and last practice there were a bunch of mattresses down there that some people made into a mattress fort (yay, college!).

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