04 November 2013

Back to Being Busy

   Hello all! Welcome back, I hope you all had good weeks. My week turned out pretty good. Thursday was Halloween. Halloween on campus is a great thing. Everyone dresses up and goes out, using Halloween as an excuse for letting go. I always enjoy seeing all the costumes. My favorite costume was the breaking bad pair. It was pretty awesome to see. Plus, many professors bring candy to class. There is nothing better than listening to lectures about the Mediterranean on a sugar high. This year I matched costumes with Madeline. We were the Mario brothers, I thought we looked pretty good. 
    Halloween this year also came with an added bonus. I took a part of my Halloween night to pick up my sister at the airport. I showed up in my Mario costume, and she came to baggage claim as Rosie the Riveter (a great idea for a costume!). It was pretty cool to have her in town. She came on a recruiting trip. Glenna (that is her name) plays tennis just like me. The tennis coaches brought her in so she could see the campus and meet the team. Accordingly, on friday she received a campus tour, and I took her to my political science class. She liked both the class and the campus, whats not to like?
    After I was all done with classes, the tennis team met up at a house and had a barbecue. We grilled pizzas, burgers and hot dogs. Tennis barbecues are always lively. The team is a great community and we have a great time hanging out with each other. Glenna also enjoyed herself. The tennis team had two other recruits in town, and the barbecue was partly for their benefit. It is a great way for them to get a feel for the tennis community. After the barbecue, some kids went out to the Halloween festivities while I went back to campus and watched We're The Millers. CAB put this movie on for people who didn't want to go out on Halloween weekend.
   School got harder this week. I had to turn in an essay for my class on Islam in Europe. It was a really tough one. I couldn't get everything I wanted to say into the allotted pages, so I went over. My professor is usually pretty cool about that kind of stuff, so I think it will be ok. I also had a lot more reading, so that compounded my stress a little. However, it is not too much and I am really enjoying my classes. I think it is a great testate to this school's professors that they can assign so much work, and still keep my interest in and excitement about the subject matter.
    Anyway, I think i'm going to wrap this blog up. I wish you all a good week, and I hope that you had a great Halloween. Keep it real!