02 November 2013


Left to right: Emily(giraffe), Elise (bunny), Liliana (cheetah), Chelsea (panther)

I hope you all had fun festivities and crazy costuming, I know I did! My friends and I decided to each dress up as a different animal and wear party hats so we were..(drum roll please) PARTY ANIMALS. Ha, the only time a group of RAs will get away with that ;) And yes, I know my whiskers came off: I was dancing a lot! But, I was a ferocious panther (no, not a kitten, mouse or teddy bear)-apparently I don't do ferocious well :/

What we did: BACKSPACE!! One of my really good friends and fellow party animal has a band called HOP ON HOLD TIGHT (They're awesome!) of LC students and they actually played at this really cool venue called backspace downtown. Everyone was dressed up and they do a combination of covers and original stuff and in the picture at the top she's the one next to me and the (badass) drummer. 

After, it was so fun driving back to campus because the city was so alive! Parties were everywhere and all ages were completely clad in head to toe costume! I think my favorite one I saw all night was a giant Mr. Peanut who we actually got a picture with!

Quick update: This week was really good, I'm riding a done-with-midterm high and am trying to live up the stuff I don't get time for when it is midterm season. Tonight I'm going to the food carts with some friends and will walk around Portland a bit! 

Talk soon, (write soon?)