09 December 2013

Christmas and Finals

  Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. It is really cold here at LC. I think right now it is around twenty degrees outside. I am layered up, but I'm still struggling with staying warm. It is not all bad, however. We had our first dusting of snow a couple days ago. The snow didn't stay long, but it was enough for me to get into the christmas spirit. After the snow, I got my residents together and we decorated one of the common rooms with paper snowflakes, stars, and lights. The common room looks great, and we have started playing holiday movies in there on the weekends. I also hear Christmas music everywhere on campus. Last night, Scott and I were hanging out and playing pool at Maggie's (the on-campus store). Madeline works there on Sundays and she played about two hours worth of awesome Christmas music. It made my day.
    On Friday, a whole group of RA's got together to go to Dance Your Plants Off. It was an event put on by SEED (the environmental activist group) to promote their upcoming activities. It was a really fun event. We have a band here called Hop-on Hold-tight. They are really good. My friend Cassie is their lead singer and she is really talented. Anyway, we got a group of RA's together and danced our plants off (whatever that means). I thought it was a great event. SEED ended up getting a lot of support for their upcoming events, which is always nice to see. This weekend, I also went to go see Dance x. Dance x is a dance performance put on by the theatre department. Each dance has a student director and all the dancers are students. It is really fun to see student productions like Dance x. The student body is extremely talented. Sometimes I forget this fact, I always appreciate things like Dance x to remind me.
   Finals are just around the corner here at Lewis and Clark. I am currently wading my way through all the various papers that represent my ticket out of this semester. Right now, I am writing a final essay for my Political Science class. I am nearly done. After this essay, I only have one more. It is always a great feeling when you come up on the end of the semester. You feel very accomplished. My finals schedule is pretty light this semester. In fact, I only have one official final (the perks of being a history major). This means that, when I finish my papers, it is pretty smooth sailing. I am pretty exited to go home as well. Colorado is a beautiful place to spend Christmas. Plus, it will be nice to see my family. Anyway guys, this essay is calling me back in so I'm going to go. I hope everyone has a nice week!