03 December 2013

Seraphie's Room: The Simple Things in Life

Hello folks of all ages and sizes,

First, I want to apologize for not posting regularly! These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of movement with papers, meetings and all the other nonsensical stuff one deals with in college. 

Thanksgiving Break
Last Tuesday, after turning in a last minute essay and hurriedly throwing things into my car, I picked up my friend Liliana and we were off--driving away for Thanksgiving break! As it is an 11 hour drive from Portland to Sonoma County, we arrived just before midnight and were greeted by my loud doggy with her barks and kisses! I drove Liliana to San Francisco the next day and I got to meet her father. One of the things I hate about college is that you rarely get to meet your friends parents (or maybe that is a good thing, I don't know). But I love parents, so getting to meet Liliana's father and then mother later on was a real treat. 

Thanksgiving itself was wonderful! My older sister and I had thanksgiving lunch with my mom and that side of the family, which was wonderful because I got to see my two baby second-cousins who are the most adorable things in the world. I have never been a big baby fan until now. Before my sister and I left to join my father, we took a family picture.

Thanksgiving Day. Left to Right: Me, Mom, Older Sister
Our parents are divorced, so my sister and I drove across town to have thanksgiving dinner with my father and my step-mom's side of the family, which was also wonderful even though there were no babies. At my dad's house, we wrapped the evening by watching The String with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I felt very lucky to have two thanksgiving meals with such a wonderful people. Family has been on my mind a lot lately and keep reminding myself how lucky I am to be in college and be able to go back to a place where I feel loved. Don't forget that people! There is hopefully at least one person out that loves you, thank them.
Not Thanksgiving but: Me, Father, Older Sister 
The next couples days passed in a blur of friends and family time including chess games, movies, lots of food and me doing a lot of homework. 

Liliana and I crossing the state line back into Oregon
On Sunday, after another 11 hours of driving, which included: being pulled over by a cop, meeting my friend for a burger who lived along our trajectory, jamming to really loud musc, talking about our childhoods and both being hit on by the gas station attendant near Salem we arrived back at LC. After turning in some last minute homework online, I crashed into bed. And that dear people was a semi brief summary of my Thanksgiving break. 

Hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving and are now preparing for the last three weeks of the semester!