14 December 2013

Winter Wonderment

Wonderful Winter, Whimsically Wishing.

Hello again friends :)

Today I am feeling a mix of relief and anticipation. I handed in my LAST paper of the semester today which was a lovely 25 page autobiographical ethnographic research paper for a SOAN class. Which is a fancy way of saying I wrote 25 pages analyzing my chronic illness of arthritis for a paper. It was actually a really amazing class that has changed the way I view illness, disease, and healing. It's called Medicine, Healing and Culture. I suggest it. It's a lot of fricken work though, honestly, you better like reading and writing! 

What's left?
Monday 8:30am: Health Psychology Final
Tuesday 8:30am: Spanish 101 Final
Tuesday 6:00pm: Cross Cultural Psychology Final. 

I'm feeling pretty good for my finals, I'll just spend ALL of tomorrow studying ;) 

BUT, enough about school!

I'm incredibly excited for break and winter wonderlands and hot cocoa and Christmas music and most of all: my friends and family from back home! I'm starting off my break by going to Detroit, Michigan to visit my moms side of the family. Unfortunately, Chanukah didn't overlap with break this year, although thanks to my amazing friend, Elise, I received a little gift all 8 nights :) But, time to talk about Christmas cheer! Going to Michigan has always been in my mind, the pinnacle of a good time. Constant music, delicious food, games, and lots and lots of family. You really have to try in order to find some alone time but the energy of my family permeates the entire town. 

After Michigan, I'm going home to Baltimore for 1 day where I will have a fun daddy-daughter outing that my dad will come up with before I get there. Then it's straight to DC for the (5 day long) New Year! My best friends from home and I always have a "classy New Year's party" where we dress up and have fun music and again, delicious food. This year we're using my friend's apartment who goes to American University so we'll have the whole place to ourselves! 

Finally, I'm going to go home for the last 2 weeks of break and will probably sufficiently hermit in my room with a good book and good food (are you sensing a theme?!) I'll hang out with my parents and my dogs and catch up on all of my guilty pleasures that I forego over the semester (Teen Wolf, Scandal or Once Upon a Time anyone!?)

So, that's my plan! To inspire the holiday cheer in all of you, I've posted my new obsession. I love Pentatonix which is an a capella group that started their career by winning the Sing-Off a few years ago and since then they've released multiple albums and toured the entire country! Look out for them coming to P-town again-they're totally worth it!!! 

Little Drummer Boy-Pentatonix

That's one of my favorite Christmas songs! I promise you'll get chills :) 


Happy Winter,