24 February 2014

Yoga Coast Retreat

Wow. What an incredible weekend. I just got back from my College Outdoors yoga retreat, and feel so rejuvenated. I’m probably going to let the pictures speak for themselves as much as possible on this one, but I’ll just preface them with this. The trip involved a lot of self-reflection, and with all my stress left back on campus, some deep emotions were able to float to the surface of my thoughts. Being around a group of passionate, energetic, spirited people in an incredibly beautiful place, I felt like I truly belonged. Like as long as I just took a deep breath and smiled, I could belong anywhere in the world. I felt so liberated – completely present and aware of myself, so certain and so carefree. I was reminded of how glad I am to be where I am in my life right now – in Portland, going to Lewis and Clark, surrounded by people with such similar interests yet such diverse lives. Yoga, journaling, nature, good food, and good friends all added up to sheer happiness for me. So many good vibes right now. Everything has fallen into place.

Sarah, Caia, and Dani enjoying a brief sunny spell.

We saw some bald eagles off this point.

Our beach.

The trees on Saturday's hike.

Mayana being ridiculously photogenic with her dreadlocks and hula hoop.

A bit of partner yoga and acrobatics.

Ajna showing off her zen headstand.

Proof that I wasn't the only one who was really, really happy to be on the trip.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I have to get back to reading Herodotus - our primary source for my Ancient Greece class. The shenanigans that the Greeks got up to never cease to entertain me. 

Any questions? Just email me at jessicakostka@lclark.edu!!