22 April 2014


There's an old adage about the life of a college student that I've found to be somewhat accurate. It goes something like this: imagine that you have a triangle. On one corner, you have enough sleep. On another, you have plenty of social time. On the last, you have good grades. The idea is that you can have any two of the above at the same time, but never all three.

To a point, this is true. I've definitely been struggling between balancing getting all my work done and getting enough sleep. I feel like I have it a bit easier on the social side of things, since I live with three of my friends, so it's a bit hard to not get social time in. I guess for my life, I'd interpret that more as trying to fit in CO trips, ukulele orchestra, and general relaxation. I think I generally do a pretty good job of balancing all of these, but it definitely gets tough around finals. I had my last econ midterm today (!), which was pretty hard, but I'm glad I'm done with it. I'm now pretty much done with everything I have to do before finals (besides reading a book for Spanish, doing some readings for global resource dilemmas, and doing miscellaneous assignments for environmental studies). I really need to start focusing on this 12-page paper I have to write for global resource dilemmas, because it's due in a week. I'd been putting it off to work on other things, but it's really getting to the time where I need to sit down and just write it.

What brought this triangle to mind is weirdly the recent release of a website where you can take "classes" at a virtual version of Hogwarts. It's pretty ridiculous, but, for an avid HP fan like me, it's also pretty exciting. I made the mistake of signing up yesterday, and starting "taking" astronomy. The ridiculous part is, there are actual assignments. I'm supposed to write a 300 word essay about my favorite constellation, including a creation myth of how it came to be, and then I have to come up with my own creation myth for it. It then gets graded (I think a real person actually grades it), then I get to move on in the class. As proof of my nerdiness, it's honestly something I would enjoy doing, but I definitely cannot even be thinking about it on top of my real work. My roommates and I all signed up, then made a pact to not do anything on the site until summer, when we will have a lot more time. We'll see if we stick to it.

This last weekend I went on my last two CO trips for the year, and they were excellent (as always). The first one was an ethnobotany training trip. We went out to the gorge and learned about a ton of plants, both edible and nonedible. We hiked up to the top of this big hill, where the view was amazing.
a panoramic view from the top
On Sunday, I went on CO's second-ever-recent canoe trip. It filled a really special place in my heart, since canoeing is kind of my jam.
I obviously still love canoeing in Minnesota, but something about canoeing in Oregon is different. Probably the waterfalls that you can canoe right next to, and the big, mossy rocks on the side of the river.
Overall, a good weekend! We only have one more normal weekend, then reading days (Friday and Saturday), then finals, then I'm off to travel to Vancouver and Seattle for a week, before I go home! Busy busy busy, but I'm happy.

If you have any questions, please email me at rekidder@lclark.edu!