01 October 2014

I'm a senior?

Hello all, it's nice to meet you.

     What's my major? Glad you asked. It's Foreign Languages, French and Spanish. Minor? English. My name? Marissa Burke.
        I am a LC senior and I moved to Portland freshman year from Santa Cruz, California. Before I attempt to summarize all the personal details in one single post, I would like to incorporate some of them with all the new stuff that is happening in my life during my last year of college.

    I have a new place! Housing is definitely a consideration when you are college shopping. At Lewis & Clark, many of my friends were first my neighbors in the Platt East dormitories freshman year. I had two caring Resident Advisors named Nate and Gabby, or affectionately known as Mom & Dad. They planned movie nights, smoothie nights, study sessions, and other fun times. My first two years on campus I was able to bond with some genuinely kind people. My junior year, I moved off campus to feel a bit more independent, and this year I wanted to be closer to the city. I just want y'all to know about the house I moved into a few weeks ago in the cute and cozy Sellwood neighborhood. I live here:

with three hilarious ladies who are also seniors. We study, cook, garden, stress, and enjoy our last year in this house, just a few miles from school.

      I am just settling back into American-style classes. I spent last semester in Strasbourg, France through in the LC language intensive program, and I missed small classes almost as much as I missed American breakfast. In general, the French don't eat more than toast for breakfast, but it may be the best toast that you ever eat in your lifetime. Though I miss the bread, I can't wait for the breakfast I am going to eat at the school dining hall (The Bon) tomorrow morning. Even though I live off campus, I often go to school early to eat a small mountain of strawberries and a lot of eggs and bacon for $4.

I can't wait to tell you all more about my last year. Right now, I just can't believe it's here!