04 November 2014

Here We Go Again

So much has been happening both on- and off- campus in the last few days, and it will continue to happen for (probably) the rest of term. November is always an exciting month. Firstly, Halloween!! Naturally, everyone was stoked that Halloween fell on a Friday this year. I had a pretty great evening. First, I organized a little costume procession in the lounge of my residence hall because I wanted to get all my friends in one place to see everyone’s costumes and take pictures. If any of you are Doctor Who fans, you’ll probably get a kick out of my costume. I was Professor River Song. And, totally independently of my decision to be River, someone in my dorm dressed up as the Eleventh Doctor! So we were both pretty excited about that.

There was also a Fire Arts show, which was Halloween themed. It was totally awesome to see zombies and other monsters spinning fire against the night sky to eerie music like Florence and the Machine and that spooky scary skeletons song. It was super intense. Luckily, only two people caught on fire. I have now decided to join the club and become a fire spinner. Maybe. If I’m brave enough.

My friends!

The rest of the weekend I spent with my Mom. It was Parent’s Weekend, so she definitely wasn’t the only parent on campus. It’s always a little weird to have all these older people in the dining hall. Anyway, my mom and I had a really chill weekend. We went to Salt N Straw ice cream in Northwest Portland, which was definitely a highlight. The strangest thing I tried was Salted Caramel Turkey ice cream. It had little flecks of crispy caramelized turkey skin and the base was made with turkey fat. It sounded disgusting, so of course, I had to try it, and of course, it was delicious. But I didn’t think I could finish a whole scoop of it, so I went for the Olive Oil instead. Mmmmmm. Salt N Straw is the best. My mom got the Spiced Chevre Pumpkin Pie. I tried that one too, but it was a little too cheesy to justify getting a whole scoop of it. If any of you are in Portland ever, GET ICE CREAM THERE.

I also finished my paper on compassion and narcissism in the title character of King Lear. And I had a Japanese exam Monday. I actually felt incredibly good about the speaking portion. My partner was great, and afterwards our professor said our conversation sounded really natural. But I definitely bombed the listening portion. The speakers talked so fast I could barely catch anything. And then later this week, registration for next term starts. Yikes. I mentioned this earlier, but I am signing up for two English classes for my major, plus Japanese, and I think the last slot will be another Education class. I have been really excited about what I’m learning in my current Education class, and I really want to continue those discussions into another semester. Maybe this class shouldn’t be making me feel like teaching is the profession for me (because most of what we do is highlight all the problems in the education system teachers and students face), but it is. I just feel so passionate about education, and teaching is the only thing I can picture myself doing right now. Maybe it’s because it runs in my blood (both my grandparents were elementary school teachers and my mom homeschooled my brother and me), maybe it’s because I have a masochistic streak when it comes to choosing my workload, maybe it’s just because I have never been outside the education system and so can’t really fathom what leaving would be like. Regardless, it’s something to consider when people ask me what I'm going to do when I graduate.

Anyway, enough about my future. It’s a big part of college, but you shouldn't let it consume your life or anything.  (annnnd maybe I should follow my own advice here…). Anyway, after that, the Ray Warren Symposium starts (which is going to be amazing because it's about beauty and aesthetics and race), and then it’s the Fall musical on-campus (Spring Awakening), then Fall Ball, and then a bunch of movies I am dying to see are coming out – The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and a special screening of the play Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch – and then it’s Thanksgiving break, and then it’s finals… Wow.

Well, the people I'm hanging out with right now are discussing the voting results, so time to stop blogging and jump into that. Any questions? Email me at jessicakostka@lclark.edu.