10 November 2014

Last Football Game

This week was a last for a couple things. It was my last game for football, and it was the last time I had to collect data for my ivy project. For football, I have mixed feelings about it ending, but I am very happy the ivy collection is over.

On Saturday we played George Fox University at their stadium in nearby Newberg, Oregon. It was a surprisingly sunny day, and it was amazing weather for playing football. The game started out very slowly with both of us being tied 6-6 at the end of the first quarter. After that the game slowly went south for us. Our defense played a very good game, but our offense just had trouble moving the ball. In the end, we lost 30-12, ending our season on a sour note. After the game, we all took a moment to say goodbye to our seniors. It was a very sad moment realizing that we wouldn’t play with them again.

Although it was a very tough season I definitely gained knowledge that will help me in the future here at Lewis and Clark. One of the biggest things I picked up is time management. Before coming to college, I was a pretty good student that never really needed to try to get good grades. Once getting here, that all changed. I had to tell myself that I needed to sit down at this time and plan out when I would do homework, go lift, and go to meetings.

Now that football is over, I have the challenge of figuring out what to do with all my free time. For one thing, I will get to sleep in most mornings now! Without practices in the morning I will definitely be catching up on a little more sleep. I will also be working out a lot to prepare for next season so that we will have a much better season. I hope that I will play more and make a significant contribution to my team!

As for  my biology class this was the last time that I collected data for my ivy study. We have yet to analyze any of our data, which is what we will performing in lab this week.  My whole group was very glad that we didn’t have to go out into the field and tromp around in the forest in plots of ivy. Why? Now we move on to our write-ups and analyzing our data.  It will be a great relief once we can knock this out. I really am glad that we have to do this write-up. This lab has really helped with my ability to write a scientific paper and work with peers to complete a task. Since I want to be a veterinarian, this will be a helpful learning experience as I move toward grad school.

Now that football is over, I am going have more time to find a lot more adventures (like my snowboarding class!) so that I can tell everyone about all the great things at Lewis and Clark College!

Until next week everyone!
-Remington Campbell
Our field on the morning of game day! Before we left for George Fox.

The two pictures above are from our field work in biology.
We were observing native species that grew near ivy. 

Here is a picture my brother sent me of my two dogs back home.
They are of questionable intelligence, hence the title he sent me.