10 November 2014

Weekend Update

November 10, 2014

Well, this is going to be a shorter entry because I have at least eight more things to do tonight after this. I probably shouldn’t have spent an hour watching Avatar: The Last Airbender instead of folding my laundry. Oh well…

I had a pretty good weekend because I was really able to strike a balance between schoolwork and fun things. Right after classes on Friday, I went to a meeting for the Multicultural Engagement Living Learning Community (LLC) to discuss plans for the rest of the term. The LLCs are new this year, although the Multicultural theme has always been present in the hall I live in, Akin Hall. This year it’s just more formalized. Hence, the community meeting. Anyway, the other members of the council and I decided on some cool events to have. One thing we are doing is hosting a discussion about misogyny and harassment in video gaming culture. We also are having a cultural music night where people share their favorite music videos. Another thing that might happen is a sort of story-telling session where everyone talks about their experiences living in or traveling in other countries. I’m pretty excited!

After that, a bunch of my friends went down to the academic side of campus and holed up in one of the larger lecture halls to play The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) on the projector. That was really awesome. We do that a lot – we saw the first Hobbit movie earlier in the term, and last spring we watched the third season of Sherlock. It’s so great to be able to utilize the academic spaces however we want, even on Friday nights!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am taking a class called Education in a Complex World, and I volunteer at an elementary school as a part of it. On Saturday, I met with the kindergarten teacher I work with to interview her for one of my classes. I took the bus to Starbucks and we just talked about her experiences in the education system. It was really cool to talk to her! We never get the chance to chat one-on-one in class because we’re too busy dealing with the kids, so it was nice to get to know her more, and hear her thoughts on things like gender in the classroom, and standardized testing. In the evening, I saw an on-campus production of Spring Awakening. Our theatre department is so cool! I wish I had the guts and the time to be more involved with it. Afterwards, I played Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of people in the lounge, which was a blast.

On Sunday, I spent many hours in the library reading Paradise Lost. That was about it. I love the text, but after I finished the assignment, my brain was just fried. It’s so dense. What really helps me is to listen to the audio version as I read. The Lewis and Clark library website has great resources like that. It's really helpful for reading Milton and Shakespeare, especially because in the latter, the recording has different actors voicing each character. It’s the next best thing to watching the play.

Well, this turned out longer than I anticipated. I guess I’m just proud of myself for having a weekend that was both really fun and really productive. That very rarely happens, it seems.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at jessicakostka@lclark.edu!