09 December 2014

Taking a Break from Studying

This week marks the last week of classes I have this semester. Tomorrow will be the final day of classes. Although I am very excited to get home, I have 3 finals (E&D, chemistry, and biology) and one more paper to edit. My first final is Saturday, the last two are on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then after that I can go home!

With all the rush of studying and writing, finding time to get out and relax is very important. My way to get out of the library is to play soccer. For the past five years, the football and baseball teams have faced each other in the MegaCup. Everyone is very excited for the game this Friday. One of the upperclassman even managed to reserve the football field for the game which is not easy to do.

Today was the football team’s first practice for MegaCup. Well, it wasn’t  really a practice. Half of the guys that wanted to play had class, so the rest of us were only out there for about an hour messing around and shooting the ball. On the football team, only a few have really played organized soccer, including my friend Mikey. He actually almost played soccer at another college, but instead came here to be a kicker for our team, which I am very happy he did.

Enjoying the field on a nice cloudy day.

Now, sports aside, the rest of my time will be spent sleeping, eating, and studying. I am trying really hard to finish all my classes on a very good note. This past weekend, I  went with my friend Blake, and we sat in a room in the library to study our own material. Going with him always helps me to stay focused and keep on task.

Blake trying to study. 

Well, that about sums up his post. I will let everyone know the results of the soccer game this Friday. Good luck to you if you have finals coming up as well. Christmas break is right around the corner!

-Remington Campbell