27 January 2015

PUPPIES and Poetry

       My housemates and I signed up to be a foster parents for cats or dogs last semester because we were all missing our pets. Everyone wants a dog or cat nearby when they're up late writing an essay right? Oregon Humane Society needed someone to take puppies just for a week, and I was feeling spontaneous, so now I have 9 puppies at my house. It's ridiculous, and a lot of work feeding and keeping their space clean. Luckily, my housemates and I share the responsibilities. Maybe it's not the best idea to foster puppies when you're a full time student, but who wants to be logical when you can have NINE PUPPIES. Nine of them. I picked them up last Saturday and I will return them this weekend. 
        It's worth it. Last night I think the atmosphere in my house made a lot of other LC students happy. About thirty friends were in and out visiting the dogs, and everyone got at least one good cuddle in. Meanwhile, I did all my Spanish homework with a puppy in my lap. 
Berry & Hudson

        Tonight I am going to start my thesis. That's right, it's the culmination of my academic career. I might as well do it while snuggling a small squishy animal. Homework is an excuse to stay at home with the puppies. Lately, I can't wait to do my homework anyway because classes this semester are amazing. I'm in a senior poetry class that has a very open and comfortable dynamic because I've written with all my classmates before, and I feel safe showing them my work. Also, our professor is the one and only Mary Szybist, a National Book Award winner and a kind person. 
        Check out some of her poetry (https://www.graywolfpress.org/blogs/five-poems-incarnadine) because it's incredible. Speaking of poets, William Stafford also taught here. His work is in Watzek Library Archives, and it's taken me until senior year to go and check them out. I have an appointment to view the Lewis & Clark Heritage Room and the archives on Thursday. I better soak it all in while I can.

Any questions about college? Or poetry? Portland? E-mail me: marissaburke@lclark.edu