20 January 2015

Sweet Sweet Spring Semester

Hey y'all,

     It's my last first day of school, and it feels just like every other first day of school: AWESOME. I'm in a Spanish literature class with my housemate (yay) and my boyfriend (distracting but manageable) and a lot of people that I look forward to getting to know better, so it's been a great first day. One of my favorite professors, Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo, is teaching the class, and I like hearing his Spanish accent when he pronounces c's and z's as "th." It reminds me of Spain. I can't believe it's been two years since I studied abroad there! Here are a few photos:

The group! A lot of these people have graduated and I miss them :'(

My Spanish friend, Cristina, and I during La Feria, a weeklong celebration where everyone wears traditional Spanish clothing. Best. Week. Ever.

      Anyway, back to the subject of school. Finals week was a blur last semester, and I barely had time to pack for my visit to my parent's new home in Asheville, North Carolina. It's a beautiful place, very much like Portland, with amazing landscapes, artwork, crafts, and tasty food. It was good to see the fam, and we spent Christmas in Maine where my stepdad was working during the holidays.                         
        While I was there, I got to visit my good friend Passage, who I never thought I would be able to visit because she lives so far. Her hometown is in rural Maine, and we met freshman year in the Platt East dormitory. Here is a pic of us hiking in Orland, Maine:

I'll tell you all more about break and this week when I have another free moment. Right now I am going to run off and catch up with friends before we all have homework. If you have any questions about LC or college apps, please let me know:


¡Hasta luego!