26 January 2015

Wait I Left?

Well, I survived my first week back at Lewis and Clark! Winter break was exactly what I needed. It was amazing to go back home and be with my family, friends, and pets. In Brawley, the weather was substantially better than here in Portland. At home, I was never cold. Every day I wore flip flops outside and enjoyed the warm sun, a stark contrast from rainy Portland.

While I was home, I mostly sat around a lot and ate a ton of Mexican food. However, for my birthday, my girlfriend bought me tickets to go see the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center. I am a huge Kings fan, and I was so excited to watch them play in person after so many years of watching them on TV. The day of the game, Ava and I drove about four hours to reach Staples Center. Although our seats were in the nosebleeds (you could only go two rows back until you were at the top), the view was amazing! You could see the puck clearly and observe every line change from our seats.

Being at the game was so awesome!  Watching the Kings play was so exciting. After giving up an early goal in the 1st period, the Kings scored three straight goals to beat the San Jose Sharks, their division rivals, 3-1. For most the game, my voice was so hoarse from chanting, “Go Kings Go” along with the crowd. That day was definitely the highlight of my break.

Staples Center, Nokia Plaza, and the view of the ice from our seats!

Also over break, I spent a lot of time helping my dad treat his animals, since he his an FFA advisor and helps his students raise their farm animals for our local fair. For the most part I would help my dad give the animals medicine and moving the animals from place to place.

Giving my brothers pig a belly rub.

For Christmas, my parents got me my first snowboard. So now that I'm back here in Oregon, my friends Mikey, Dylan, and I are going to be heading up to Mt. Hood to snowboard as much as we can (and can afford!).

This semester is shaping up to be a tough one. I have four classes this semester instead of my three last semester. I am taking biology 151, chemistry 120, and Exploration & Discovery again this semester. In addition, I added Spanish on. I am in the second year of Spanish. It’s going to be tough for me because I struggle with all the different tenses of the language. I will definitely have to stay on top of all these classes if I want to get good grades again.

That’s all for now, everyone. I hope you all had a great break and a Happy New Year!

Remington Campbell

P.S.- Heres a few more pictures of break.